royce's eyes told me

he wasnt in this fight. if you look at his face before all his other fights its like hes an animal but this time he almost looked scared

i wasnt there but i just saw that in his highlights and all the times ive seen him in the past he looks ready to kill. head down,eyes foward. this time he just looked across the cage and didnt move.

Agreed, he did have a different look in his eyes.

that stare earned me 20 bucks!!

I agree 100% I mentioned the same thing to my wife when he was in his corner before Hughes came out.

I mentioned that he looks lost or confused

I saw it too.

he looked pissed when mat was trying to beat his head in.

i thought he looked scared just b4 the bell

Yeah he looked nervous. Blinked alot. VERY different from his usual self.

maybe because he saw a very good chance of losing

I thought he looked scared...but then again, so would I.

He was wondering if he should buy the small vineyard in Sonoma or the huge acreage in Brasil, after UFC 60.

When you're fighting people who don't know what techniques you know you can have an "animal" stare but if you're fighting people who do know your techniques you aren't so "animal."

scary rickson has taken the advantages away from the correct