Royce's Record (Only 3 losses?)

I thought he lost to Yoshida (the first time) even though it was a b.s. controversial stoppage. Did Royce get it overturned or something?

I was under the impression it was a grappling match?

he did lose to Yoshida the first time and it was MMA rules sherdog just doesn't recognize that fight and continues to call it a grappling match even though strikes were allowed, albeit limited.

what strikes were allowed? just low kicks and body shots?

It doesn't matter. If it's dubbed as an "MMA fight" then why isn't it on either of their records?

no striking to the head was allowed in Royce/Yoshida I, therefore it was not a true MMA match.

No an MMA match is a fight with MIXED RULES. This fight had mixed rules including FREE GRAPPLING with no restriction, and STRIKES.

No grappling match can ever have strikes.

It's like saying UFC is not real MMA beacuse they dont' allow stomps or knees to a downed opponent.

Why does Sherdog list RINGS and early Pancrase matches then?

Royce tapped Yocheata's ass in the MMA rematch.

MMA is a sport, dude, not a generic term for any competition with "mixed rules." Granted, there is a good deal of variety within the rules of MMA (for example, some orgs allow elbows, while others do not), but the rules must always allow the fighters a reasonable opportunity to finish the fight by KO, TKO, or submission. In a fight where no strikes to the head are allowed standing up, and no striking on the ground at all is allowed, neither fighter has a chance to win by KO or TKO. Therefore, this match cannot truly be considered "MMA".

NO it is MMA, just in a more limited form.

Like ZST only allows open guard and no strikes on the ground IIRC.

I admit it's limited but to call it just a grappling match would be incorrect. It was an MMA match with some limitations. It should be included on the fightfinder esp. since Pancrase matches are included int he fight finder as well.

Anyone with a brain knows that the first match was an MMA match and that Royce was getting wrecked before the early stoppage.

The Harold Howard fight should not be counted as a loss because the fight never happened. The original Yoshida fight shouldn't count because it wasn't MMA. If you're going to count that fight, you should include Royce's sport BJJ matches. I think he only has 2 losses in those (1 pre-UFC loss and the one to Wallid Ismail).

toddseney, Royce did not tap Yoshida. It was a draw.

"toddseney, Royce did not tap Yoshida. It was a draw."

Watch the fight and tell me it was even. Royce raped Yocheata prison style.

Raped yoshida? I've taken worse beatings in training

"Raped yoshida? I've taken worse beatings in training"

I don't think your boyfriend would appreciate your "kissing and telling".

EY: gotta disagree with you big time on this one. The fight shouldn't count ANYWHERE because the ending was as legit as Hulk "Thunder Lips" Hogan vs Rocky Balboa...

I thought sherdog was doing it as more of a protest.

"I thought sherdog was doing it as more of a protest."

lol if true