Royce's Superfit book

Has anyone gotten this book yet? I have checked both and B& and both say the book is out but no copies are available for 1-2 months. Did the first shipping sell out that fast, or did the release date get pushed back?


I've been asking for a few days around here also. I want to buy it, maybe I can have them order it at borders.

Why would u buy a book on fitness authored by Royce??? I thought this thread was a joke or something at first, but you guys seem serious.

Royce fought for an hour and a half.

I would rather read a book about how you can smoke, drink, and fight for 1.5 hours.

Well first you need to get Sakuraba's parents, then you need a time machine, and maybe some cheap sake.

lol @sandyholt


I am not sure if you'd see anything new in it. Just some ploy to make more money using his name.

Royce does have a much bigger physique lately.