Royler Gracie Seminar!

Royler Gracie is back!
Royler Gracie will be down from April 26-May 2nd.  Last years seminars were filled up in only 3 weeks! They were jammed with awesome technique, and everyone learned something and had a great time.  He will be conducting a seminar at Robinson's Karate Schools in Newmarket on Saturday April 28 from 1:30 pm - 4:30 pm. cost is $100 plus GST.  Anyone who is interested can call Robinson's Karate Schools at 905-830-1245. There will be only 40 spaces available, and they are filling up quickly.


Jason Figliano

RGDA Canada, Robinson's Karate Schools, Lewis' Karate Schools



GSP - April 22 , $100

BJ Penn - Just Passed $125

Matt Linland - Just passed $85

Roger GRACIE - Last year $150

Marcello Garcia - Last year $100

Royler for $100 seems fair to me.It is an optional seminar ,if your too good don`t go.....

"What the hell can he teach a group of people in 3 hours,that is worth
$100? "

Royler Gracie. Enough said.
100$ is very reasonable.

I was just at Pan-ams and saw one of Royler's students do very well in the masters division. He used to train with Royler in Brazil but now lives in San Diego. Perhaps he could shed some light on what Royler has to offer. He's in the phone book under Saulo Ribiero.

"What the hell can he teach a group of people in 3 hours,that is worth $100? For that amount of money I better be able to tap Maercelo Garcia"

is this a new guy?

$100 is reasonable, the guy is a legend. Christ, an hour golf lesson with some shmuck would cost $100, a night at the bar $100....:)



Royler Gracie will be at RGDA Barrie on Friday April 27 from 7:00 pm. to 10:00 pm. for those who are interested please call Lewis' Karate School at 705-733-8994. cost is $100 plus GST. space is limited to 40 people. there are already 18 spots filled for this seminar.


Jason Figliano

RGDA Bolton

email sent.

Jason Figliano
RGDA Bolton

"What the hell can he teach a group of people in 3 hours,that is worth $100? "

People that complain about the price have never spent even 1 minute around someone like Royler. I would pay $100 to just talk to him. He is truly an amazing individual!

I will be there!

How long does it take to get from Hamilton to Newmarket?

Im in

Wiley, prolly an hour and a half tops.



TT for royler!! Looking forward to having him at our club as well!

Hey, your site isnt working for me, and a friend I got to try it.

When it was I think it said something about privates with Royler being available.

Do you have an email of the person I would need to talk to about this?



If you are looking for private lessons then you will need to contact Chris Robinson at ;

RGDA Newmarket / Robinsons Karate Schools 905-830-1245

or E-mail him at-


Jason Figliano

RGDA Bolton


Barrie is Almost Sold Out, and Newmarket has some spots left as well,

Woodbridge is completely sold out! See you all there!