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So tired of reading it that both of you clicked the thread? LOL...Thats obsession boys, and it ain't normal.It's more like a car wreck. You wish it hadn't happened, but you look anyway.

This thread is the epitome of Judo insecurity.And answering it is the epitome of what? Any guesses?

quincy = captain obvious

I think he was trying to say that the judo people have little technique so they just go crazy and spaz for a short amount of time.

Quincy,I'm pretty sure that I read recently that you trained with Mastre Behring (?).I know whoever it was,you stated that you really enjoyed it.Let me ask this,Did you insist to him that what he was doing was Judo?

there is some truth to the judo insecurity, i mean if u get beat down for 10 yrs by the mma community, fighting for scraps and promoting every little win by a judo player.. i mean what do u expect.

Let me ask this,Did you insist to him that what he was doing was Judo?

LOL, and when sylvio stated no, Q kept sylvio up all night and up all week making the same statement

I think it Dave Camarillo stated the difference very well on the Gorilla Jiu-Jitsu tape.

You know,I like both.I have stated before,in Brazil,this rivalry crap just does not happen.Marcelo Ferreira,who I am affiliated with,has a Judo guy come in on Thursday night to teach Judo.

Judo... deadly throws... deadly submissions... Just take the Silva/Yocheata fight. Yeah, Judo rocks!

Cool quote.

Lots of hate considering I didnt say anything wrong..Talk about oversensative, you guys are like Dry your tears guys.

If you cant stay on topic, move on..

Royler's comment makes sense to me. The times I've competed in BJJ tournaments, it always felt just like Judo, except with more time to think. More like the way you roll in the club, rather than in tournament. I like BJJ for that reason.

BJJ = specialty school for Judo newaza. That's how I think of it, anyway. Anyone who likes one sport should like both.

Scy: thank you.

I have been trying to stress that for ages. I am not saying "judo had better newaza than bjj" etc, etc. But the thing is that there are so many bjj trolls who never knew what grappling, let alone bjj, even was until a little while ago. Now these newbie wannabes are experts on the state and history of grappling in general.

I wrestled in high school, started judo in my late high school years, so I enjoyed (and was pretty descent) at newaza and submissions. I wasnt Rickson Gracie by any means but i did arm-bars, chokes, triangles, etc all the time in practice and of course, like you said, in practice, when you roll, sometimes we would do quick drills (to emulate comp.), sometimes you would roll with a guy for a long while.

These bjj trolls try and make it sound like my judo coaches were actually bjj coaches in disguise or something (nevermind the fact that no one knew who the Gracies were at the time).

Scythrop, great post..That is my feelings as well..100%

Scythrop, Wasa and Mitsuyo are correct.

Although I'm a huge BJJ fan, I thought the quote and the thread were both pretty good.

If someone doesn't like Quincy's post, why would they bother to respond to it? Some folks have too much time on their hands.

I like judo and bjj. I have been tapped by many people from both and they both have a lot of useful information.

ttt for Q.

theres no lions den here anymore so vern trains all over. he even trained with me once. and roylers quote made sense