RSF Shooto: Full Results

Matt Schwinnen v Bill Hill: Hill (1st round submission)

Mike Lloyd v Jay Estrada: Estrada (unanimous decision)

Heath Pedigo v Ryan Maynor: Maynor (1st round Triangle choke)

Mo Mohler v Mike Green: Draw (Unanimous dec. Mohler will appeal this decision)

Travis Fulton v Doug Sauer: Fulton (1st round rear naked choke)

Kelly Kobald v Ginelle Marquez: Draw

Curtis Stout v Mike Rethmeyer: Stout (1st round KO)

Steve Berger v Phil Johns: Johns (unanimous decision)

Sam Morgan v Manvel Gamburyan: Gamburyan (unanimous decision)

Alex Steibling v Mike Rogers: Steibling (unanimous or split decision, I dont know)

Chris Lytle v Pete Spratt: Lytle (1st round rear naked choke)

thanks for the results

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Lytle took Spratt down off a kick and quickly got sidemount, then mount, then took his back when Spratt tried to bridge him over, then got the choke in. 47 seconds into the first round Lytle wins, he's the real deal. Sucks to see Mike Rethmeyer lose so quickly but Stout just caught him with his hands down.

how did johns beat berger, i'm shocked at that result.

Unsure, Brian, as ADCC News has Berger winning by Judges Decision.

Welterweight [-70.0Kg] Shooto Americas Champion Tournament: 1st Round
Phil Johns vs. Steve Berger: Berger by Judges Decision

Phil won the fight pretty easily according to most people. He dominated takedowns, controlled top postition the whole fight and landed some nice punches on the feet also. Berger had an intitial takedown in the first 30 seconds and Phil reversed and controlled the rest of the fight.
Derrick Noble

Welcome, Derrick... and thx for the update. E-mail for your green (pro fighters) name.

Phil won because he is excellent at 155. Most of his losses are at 170(or above) or against top talent. His reign in Hook n Shoot was as long as any other Champion and 2 of his 3 losses at 155 are against Sato and Pulver. People think he isn't that good because he was armbarred by Iha(at 170) in the UFC. Any body can be beat on any given day. Last night was Phils night. CONGRATS TO PHIL!

TTT. Great job Lytle.

Nice call jeng

Congrats to Estrada!


Bout #1: JAY ESTRADA def. MIKE LOYD ( CLASS "B") - Decision

Front Choke - Round 1

Flying triangle - Round 1

Lots of actions as there was both slick groundwork and lots of good striking. Some in attendance did not agree with it ending in draw

Rear Naked - Round 1

BOUT #6: CURTIS STOUT defeated MIKE RETHMEIR with a devestating KO. Stout delivered a liver kick and followed it with right hook that knocked out Rethmeir cold.

BOUT #7: KELLY KOBALD vs GINELLE MARQUEZ was ruled a draw.

BOUT #8: MANVEL GAMBURYAN beats SAM MORGAN by decision in a close fight.

BOUT #9: ALEX STEIBLING wins a decision in his fight against MIKE ROGERS .

BOUT #10: CHRIS LYTLE wins in :47 seconds by rear naked choke over PETE SPRATT

Lytle is the real deal I was really suprised he didnt do the same thing to Lawler

CONGRATS TO ESTRADA!!!! my boy has done it again. this kid is gonna be giving those in the 155 weight class nightmares.

congrats to jay estrada!

good job to Curtis for winning his fight and getting the fighter of the night award!!!!

ttt for jay "the ghetto-blaster" estrada