RSF / ShootoChallenge Pictures

I posted these on another thread, but the images were HUGE, I have resized them if a blue namer will help me out!!

Nice job FightFan. On the second to the last pic, were you trying to get a pic of Phyllis Lee or the waitresses ass?

what do you think!! If it weren't for a damn 3 sec delay on my camera, the ass shot would been MUCH MUCH BETTER!!

For some reason this one shows up with a red X, but the image is there!!

no shit. My delay on my camera was killing me all night. I might take it back and upgrade to a point and shoot one... if they have digital ones like that. I missed some great shots cuz of that

Lytle vs Spratt ** PHOTOS ** Blue namer please help!!

TTT - For blue namer help!

That should be them all!!
Thanks Jaydub