Ruckus in the Cage Asheville,NC!

I don't know how I missed hearing about this event until now. Looks like a great event and I have heard good things about some of the local fighters that are gonna be competing like Rusty Haun and Butch Marks. I'll have to try and make time to check it out and give some of the NC boys some support, wonder if all the UFC fighters they are advertising are really gonna show up?

Keep your eye on butch, he fought in Cherokee last month too and is a force.

Yeah, that's a pretty legit organization. If they have a fighter slated to
show up, they show up. So far they've had Ed Herman, Matt Serra, tim
Sylvia, Travis Lutter... I think a few others...


ttt for NC


Uncle Ruckus?


 ttt for MMA in NC. A long time coming.