Rule of 3’s part One

I mentioned the Rule of 3’s in an earlier thread and got some interest so I thought I would do a little something on the concept.

The rule of 3 was created to help you see the big picture of RBSD. This is a short intro to how to approach this concept. Btw this concept has been used threw out history for many systems in society.

Part one of the Rule of 3 is the pre-fight, the preparation. Preparing for what?
The Big 3
1. Legal battle.
2. Financial battle.
3. Physical battle.

Today we will address the physical, preparing to avoid death. There are 3 ways in which a person can die.
1. Natural
2. Accidental
3. Self inflicted.
This is not morbid this is reality, at some point we all will die, hopefully #1 a natural death, so we wear seat belts, eat right, exercise, regular Doc check-ups and you know the list etc. And # 1 SHOULD help with #’s 2-3, but not always...
To control this trilogy we need to work within the realms of
In the spiritual world this could be Mind, Body, Spirit in a religious idea it would be Father, Son, Holy ghost...

Lets talk about the fighter…..You!!!.
For you to be at peak performance you will have to address
1. What you breathe.
2. What you drink.
3. What you eat.
Your body needs these 3 elements air, food and water to stay alive and perform at a peak level.
3.Carbon Dioxide

Let’s break from concept and get particular, preparing the arm bar. The arm bar is the martial arts version of the lever, one of the earliest simple machines. The lever a.k.a arm bar consist of three components
1.The force.
2.The fulcrum.
3.The load.
In math this is known as M=Fd
1.Moment or torque
Miss any of these elements and your machine will fall.

The Rule of 3 is like a DNA structure where every thing is linked. Seeing the big picture gives you a better perspective to make good decisions as a student and as a teacher it brings awareness to future possibilities and facts giving a heads up to what to expect.

Use this concept if you want and the connection to things you thought were totally un-related will surface.

I like where this is going.
In the three ways to die, are you using a caused death (murdered) in the accidental/natural categories?

Jrrrr: Yes murder would be an accident, you didn't do it to yourself and it wasn't natural. You see an investigator and prosecutor is going to ask?
Rule of 3
Did this occur, the secret that every one wants to know is WHY?... Was it justified?
This not only holds true for civilians, but for cops as well. Most states use either The Force on force Continuum ( In Ma it's a 3 inch thick book) or reasonableness as a guideline for prosecution. This is why you need a Lawyer, but YOU are responsible for your actions and what you tell them. So you need to know what to do and say.

Now if you're a sport guy none of this RBSD rule of 3 stuff matters to you. I read in a few places that RBSD was just MMA and you add dirt ( dirty tricks the illegal stuff) I thought that was clever and true. The gross motor skills and the way humans react in fights is modeled in MMA. This is why I use MMA as a starting point because it points to True North. But as a family man understanding the dirt is everything. It's the dirt that causes financial hardship, prison, and even death. So most will come to a certain time in there life when it's, dirt with a little MMA sprinkled on it.

Fun stuff. Although you lost me here:


I think listing the 3 macronutrients would make more sense:

1. Protein
2. Fat
3. Carbohydrate

Hey John,Sure, there is no set way for the exercise but to get folks thinking.

Rule of 3 for picking training partners.

You want to have 3 types of training partners to get a full workout.
1.Someone better then you.
2.Someone you are better then
3.Someone equal to you.

You need #1 to
1.Develop defense and technique recognition.
2.Build your endurance
3.Learn and find places to stay safe and recover

#2 is for you to
1.Build your offense and have freedom to experiment with little threat.
2.Build true confidence through you successes
3.Building leadership with a win – win, developing control, restraint, and compassion for your partner.

#3 is to
1.Develop offense and defense as one unit
2.Take calculated risks.
3.establish true experience

You can use this rule to make yourself better and as a teacher make your students better.
1.It's fun
2.It's educational
3.It helps othes.

 John Frankl is a guy I'd like to meet and have lunch with.

Please continue...

A martial art system should enable you to hurt someone, heal someone and harmonize.

Thank you Dr. Gyi


Rather entertaining.


I'm from Santa Cruz, though currently living in Korea. I usually get home 1-2 times per year, and stop for food in Paso Robles on the way to LA/San Diego.




Let me know when you anticipate being around and, if possible, I'd like to connect for breakfast, lunch, dinner or even a beer of cup of tea.



Three lines of attack
1. Headbutt
2. Elbows
3. Knees

The 3 mechanical components to fully utilize the power
2.The spring
3.Smashing device


To execute the headbutt properly you need to be in the 3rd range
Once you are in the 3rd range there are only 3 opportunities to headbut
1.Before the opponent launches his attack
2.During his attack
3.After his attack

Cool thread Joe! Thank you.

jrrrrr's mention of Dr. Gyi's 3 H's reminds me of Guro Crafty Dog's 3 F's:

"Fun, Fit, and Functional. To be functional, we must be fit and healthy, and what we do to be fit and healthy must be fun to do or we will not do it. Now, "fun" can be a superficial word, but what we really mean is with joy in life-but that would have ruined the alliteration."

 Stickgrappler-I still have your archives/blog bookmarked. You should do more!

Let me try:


I think i got the hang of this... cool.

kick... punch...trap...ground....Damn... that's 4. Maybe I don't get it.

Stickgrappler!!!! Yo how are you bro? I was wondering about you and all the guys that use to talk out here. What's up are you training anymore???

You got it bud, there are only 3 places that make up the known world that you can kick, punch and even trap
1. Land
2. Sea
3. Air
Not to sure about the air but I know the Navy has been working combatants in water for years. That was another reason why we developed the Quick Draw System. It works under water... Blub Blub!!!!!

BigSifu - Stickgrappler-I still have your archives/blog bookmarked. You should do more!

Thank you for your interest and encouragement! I am struggling with CSS and have been in a long (too long!)period of site redesign... hopefully now that school's out for my kids, i don't have to check that much homework, i can focus on the coding for a new look to my site ( Will port over the archives to my site when redesign is completed.

Joe Maffei - Stickgrappler!!!! Yo how are you bro? I was wondering about you and all the guys that use to talk out here. What's up are you training anymore???

Hello Joe,

Hope all is well with you, your loved ones and your students! Yeah miss the days of yore from here...great discussions... looks like you have some good threads going now too.

On the Real Life front... being a father is tough always, but it seems especially tough now... my oldest daughter is 12 going on 13, high school is a concern... have her in a tutoring program to help her perform better on the NY specialized high schools admissions test... and of course swim lessons, piano lessons, art lessons, and language lessons continue for all 3 of my kids.

On and off training, mostly off, but summer's here... looking to bang some sticks and hit some focus mitts in a local park with my 2 training partners. Been busy on the weekends though going to a few bbq's.

Tough part for me on getting on here is workflow of course, but also compliance put up a firewall and i have a quota time when i surf to sites and use my allotment of quota time...the window of opportunity is 15 mins only at a time. firewalls sux!


Digression: what about the Rule of 2's or Rule of Opposites?

Yin and Yang
Striking and Grappling
Standup and groundwork
Empty hands and weapons
Hard and soft
Offense and defense
Attack and counterattack
Teacher and student
External and Internal
Push and pull
Look and feel
Long and short
Near and far
Outfighting and infighting
Slash and thrust
Edged and blunt


Gkad to here all is well. I too have a 13yr girl so I understand my brother.

"Digression: what about the Rule of 2's or Rule of Opposites?"

My system is put together in Blocks to make learning easy. This would be of course in block 2
positive and negative energy or Yin yang, push Pull etc. that would be a whole new thread.
But you are thinking?????
That's what I was looking for...:-)