rumble in rahway results?

anyone have the results from the rumble in rahway amateur show this past weekend? i'm curious to see how the guy from "ninja university" did and if i should enroll.


there was some good team mates mike piekarski and john incledon lost to decisions far as the rest of the results i cant remember

Ninja U guy lost if memory serves... don't remember how, I was in the back warming up for my fight at the time (i won a Unanimous decision)... from what I saw this looked like the best citc amateur show yet

how did al iaquinta do?


TTT for official results from Ed or Paul.

Sorry for the delay...see if you guys were there you would have them! The results will be out today.

We were completely sold out and had to turn away a few hundred people at the door...the Fire Marshall almost shut us down...luckily it was worked out.

Great fights, thanks to all the teams that was a crazy night of fights...

Al has grown by leaps and bounds...he has brought his game to a whole new level...

Great show Ed, I saw the fire marshal come in - glad he let it continue! I guess bigger venues are on your horizon...

Soverign Bank Arena!

ttt for a nice guy in Ed Hsu and more events!

ttt 4 results


Good Fights

Results from GHK Promotions "COMBAT IN THE CAGE - RUMBLE IN RAHWAY III", held January 27, 2007 in Rahway NJ, are now posted at


Are we going to see the ' GUINZ ' show March 31st at the Combat in the Cage show...

hahaha o thats without a doubt!!!


Mikelmorbid...send me your e-mail...

Combat in the Cage website is updated with the results from Jan 27th's Rumble in Rahway III.

To view pictures of this event, check out the Combat in the Cage photo Gallery.