Rumble Johnson can get a DV caseBut Tito can b cut

So Anthony Johnson gets a DV case last year didnt hear one word from DFW but Tito gets a case and he can be cut? I thought DFW and Tito made up

I think its because tito is a way bigger star, still posterboy of the ufc, also is on the ultimate fighter show currently airing.

so i think he is trying to get ahead of the story.

Another way for Dana to get his name in the headlines

 Dana dislikes Tito.  I don't blame him.

 i doubt dana will cut tito over this.. but he prolly just said he would cut tito to sound like he is a take action kind of guy.. you know throw the press a bone and they are on to the next big thing..

All he said was he "could" cut Tito, which I take to mean that, contractually, Tito can be released over something like this.