Rumble on New Years Eve

Rumble in the Cage will be hosting Seasons Beatings 2 on New Years Eve. Any fighters or coaches interested on fighting on the show should email Lee Mein at Tickets go on sale November 27th. Anyone interested in a VIP table please call 403-320-5569. VIP tickets are $120 and include dinner. Stay tuned for more details, this will be our biggest show of the year and the biggest party of the holiday season!



lol @ Seasons Beatings. That's great.

Can't wait for this show. My brother Jeremy Mckay is going to make his MMA debut and has been training his ass off!! This will be a night people won't want to miss. Jeremy Mckay will be a future RITC champion!!


Jay do you have a line up yet? I was so excited to see Dan fighting Goulet then found out it is on the Winnipeg show. Anyway good luck to him.

Yea, I woulda loved to see Torture Chambers vs The Road Warrior

Dan is actually fighting goulet in victoriaville quebec next weekend, jordan mein, tim tamaki and myself are fighting in winnnipeg the next weekend. We will have a lineup up next week we are just confirming a few more fights and waiting on a couple others to happen to see where guys are going to fit in.

I see who Tamaki and Mein are fighting on the UCW card, but who are you fighting?

Ron Faircloth. Don't know much about him I think he is a wrestler.

J-day finishes Faircloth easily.

JDay murderizes Ron.

Flying donkey punch??? Is that even legal?

only a clockwise 360 donkey punch is legal

Counter Clockwise is illegal!

wtf is a monkey punch?

Seasons Beatings reminds me of when the Champ had an
episode of 'The Phantom of the Bop-Ya'!

lol, catchy name.

Faircloth has game. Definitely not a scrub trains with keith Rockel and Dave Strasser, I think.Jay will work him over though.