Rumble on the Rock dvd set

The Rumble on the Rock 5 event dvd set comes out today. F.Y.E. has it for $10 or something crazy like that. How good are these shows overall? I'm going to pick it up just for BJ vs Gomi and Linland Frikland but what about the rest of the fights?

is it a compilation of other rotr? i think bj/ gomi was rotr 4.

5 did have riggs vs kendall grove, ronald juhn vs ryan schultz also. for
$10 it will be worth it.

Rumbles on the Rock - The Superstar Collection - Five Events Set is a two DVD set with 10 hours of mixed martial arts. There are 5 pay-per-view events or 44 fights featuring the major fighters in this MMM and I never seen this many fights for the price before. See the knockouts and slick submissions!

Rumble on the Rock 4: 9 fights (124 min) Antonio Banuelos VS Yubie Song, Deshaun Johnson VS Santino Defanco, Gabe Casillas VS Ross Ehanez, Gilbert Melendez VS Stephen Palling, Shaun Taylor VS Ron Jhun, Gil Castillo VS Renato Verissimo, Paul Buentello VS Andy Montana, Dennis Hallman VS Ray Cooper, Takanori Gomi VS BJ Penn

Rumble on the Rock 5: 9 fights (142 min) Vance Pu VS Royden Demotta, Justin Mercado VS Harris Sarmiento, Santino DeFrance VS Kaynan Kaku, Jason Lambert VS Mike Rogers, Joe Riggs VS Kendall Groves, Danny Steele VS Melvin Murray, Ron Jhun VS Ryan Schultz, Matt Lindland VS Tony Fryklund, Wesley "Cabbage" Correira VS John Marsh

Rumble on the Rock 6: 10 fights (123 min) Gilbert Melendez VS Kaynan Kaku, Dennis Hallman VS Ross Ehanez, Antoni Hardonk VS Wes Sims, Kristof Midoux VS Mike Malone, Aitor Canup VS Juda A Alona, Shungo Oyama VS Sean " Haire, Yoshihiro Nakao VS Westey Correira, Kazuyuki Miyata VS Royler Gracie, Tom Howard VS Carter Williams, Rodrigo Gracie VS BJ Penn

Rumble on the Rock 7: 8 fights (108 min) Jay Carter VS Josh Versola, Adam Roland VS Thales Leites, Alan Goes VS Chris West, Vitor Riberio VS Tatsuhi Kato, Renato Verissimo VS Yuichi Nakanishi, Ricco Rodriquez VS Scott Junk, Kimo Leopoldo VS Marcus Royster, Wesley "Cabbage" Correira VS Tank Abbott

Rumble on the Rock 8: 8 fights (112 min) Kengo Ura VS Mike Malone, Josh Donahue VS Ross Ehanez, Scott Junk VS Vilatonu Fonokalaifi, Anderson Silva VS Yushin Okami, Jake Shields VS Dave Menne, Ronald Jhun VS Frank Trigg, Carlos Condit VS Renato Verissimo, Wesley "Cabbage" Correira VS Eric Esch

Looks like I just answered my own question!

8 is the only one i don't have but for $10 it worth it

For some reason Best Buy isn't carrying it. I was looking forward to picking this up today, but it has completely disappeared from their website.