Rumblefish is Gay?????

Not sure if you all already knew this, but Rumblefish is gay!!! I know this because he likes it when we train nekkid and greased up (GSP style). I'm sure he's banigin' some dude with a towel on his head and a sheet for a shirt!! Go get em' Rumblefish!!!!

So he blew a few guys, what's the big deal.

A warm mouth in the dark is a warm mouth in the dark!!

 He is NOT gay!  He never makes eye contact.... so I hear.

"Rumblefish is Gay?????"

And in other breaking news, the world is round :)

Mike Blak, what is up?? How's Suzanne Manning?? Let me know if/where you are training now. Jared.

What's up man? Suzanne is now living in Maine and is engaged to be married in May. I'll shoot you her email and tell her you said hi. I just got back into training at ATT Orlando with Paul Rodriguez & Company after a loooooong layoff and am taking it slow cuz I'm an old Bastid.

How about yourself? How's everything, training, life, etc...? Take it easy Bro.

Rumblefish posts pics of fat bitches that he allegedly "fucks" because its a conceivable cover up for his more innate homoerotic tendencies

Rumblefish - Gay? GAY????? Well.....if my "gay" you mean enjoying the warm sensation of another man's penis in my mouth, then yes, YES, I AM GAY!

Hey, guys? How are you all doing?


Oh yeah, and did someone say fat bitches??? They're my favorite!!!

Yo Randy, shoot me your addy, I got some shit from some students to send you and your boys in Iraq.

It all makes sense now.......

I guess this is old news now!!!

Some things never change.... Phone Post

I still love cack!