Russell Crowe Defense..Prepared?

Past and recent news: What if you encountered a guy/chic with anger management issues that is a well known celeb, if your working at a cafe, hotel or club, you told the high profile celeb. and telling them at moment of not providing a service that he/she requested which is unavailable (the high profile celeb not having his/her way) gets the shits, tries to throw a object at you. Don't forget your being professional to the guest and not being rude, what is your defense in this situtation.

Here's the story:

Russell Crowe was arrested in New York on Monday and charged with assault after he allegedly threw a telephone at a hotel employee. Crowe was in town to promote his boxing drama Cinderella Man. He was staying at the Mercer Hotel in Manhattan's SoHo district. Reportedly, the 41-year old actor became enraged after he could not get a call out to wife Danielle in Australia to say good night to his son. It was reported that after not being able to use the telephone, Crow got into an argument with the hotel clerk, Nestor Estrada. Crowe ripped the handset from the socket in his room and then proceeded downstairs where he allegedly threw the handset at Estrada. Crowe, who has been relatively well behaved as of late, was arrested after the incident at around 4:20 a.m. and charged with second-degree felony assault. Estrada, the hotel clerk at the receiving end of Crowe's frustration, was taken to St. Vincent's hospital and treated for minor abrasions then released.

Weapon of choice.

The madman:


I hope he gets the chair...

Once assaulted, regardless of by whom all bets are off. Professionalism should be replaced by self defense.


In Australia throwing a handset is all part of a civil conversation. I even keep one in my briefcase i case i really want to hamer home a point in my meetings...


"if he hit me or grabbed me, we'd find out just how much boxing he really learned while making Cinderella Man"

Are you shitting me? I'd yell JACKPOT and sue him.

lol at jackpot...

I agree with dracovich

id hit the floor like id been shot clutching my neck, id also try to hit my head on something on the way down