Ryan Hall triangles 300 lber vid

 Check it out -


 lber ?



Notice how Ryan kept setting his opponent up with the same combination attack.

He talked about that in one of videos. He talked about the importance of chaining techniques together and constantly attacking with those combinations. He said that when one constantly and "persistantly" attacks ones opponent with a combination set up one is doing to things to the opponent:

1) forcing the opponent to follow your lead

2) forcing the opponent to defend against and ultimately endure your attacks.

At some point the opponent is either going to make a mistake and give you an opening or he is going to get tried, either physically or mentally or both, and give you an opening.

is Ryan a black belt?

 new brown belt

that was impressive.

Ryan is a Brown Belt who consistently beats Black Belts...VERY good Black Belts.

 That was the white zuluzihno.

 Ryan is awesome!

His matches against Nate Diaz are fun to watch.




Bornruffian - what good black belt has he beaten?

 Only Gordinho Correa (at ADCC 2007) and Renato Tavares.  Ryan is the real deal.

mrzipplokk -  That was the white zuluzihno.


Ryan Hall is gangster on the mat.

how old is that video? looks like big boy is a blue belt and ryan is a white belt.

The guy has won more crap than anybody I can think of in the past couple years.

Good black belts he's beaten (that I know of):

Baret Yoshida
Rafael Gordinho Correa
Diego Saraiva
Renato Tavares 2x
Dave Jacobs
Pedro Vianna
Jon Stutzman
Henry Matamoros

Some other good guys he's beaten:
Nam Phan
Frankie Edgar
Jim Miller
Scott Bieri
Joel Tudor

Not bad. haha.

vs. Nam Phan

300lbs? the emails i get from Lloyd Iriwn says 200lbs.

so how much did that fat guy really weights? or it doesn't matter cuz Ryan will triangle anybody anyways?