Ryan Schultz lost?

Anyone see him lose this past weekend? Can you give me a rundown of the fight? That kid is nasty, and I thought he'd murder most at 155. Was the fight at 155, or 170?


Keith Wilson, the guy who beat him, is a 37 year old wrstling stud, I knew it would be a hard fight. Some reports say Schultz should have won it, but Wilson is definitely not a slouch.

sherdog has a good rundown of this. lindland won by armbar.....

Lindland got down to business right away, scoring a booming body-clinch takedown of Showalter. From there it was a Lindland ground and pound display as he landed at will on the mat with knees to the body and elbow and punches to the head of Showalter. "The Show" was game but was clearly overmatched as "The Law" countered every submission attempt thrown his way.

As the second round got under way, Lindland scored another takedown and continued to pour it on overwhelming Showalter from the top position. With powerful elbows and accurate punches, Lindland picked apart his opponent, cutting him in the process. "The Law" then attempted to take Showalter's back but as he transitioned, he was forced to his back. Shockingly, Lindland sunk a triangle choke and eventually an armbar that left Showalter with no alternative other than tapping out, giving Lindland the win at 2:43 of the second round.

it's great that you gave me the play by play on the lindland fight, but unfortunately I asked for the schultz fight.

Here's the play by play I think you were looking for from Sherdog:

Keith Wilson, a college roommate of Frank Trigg, used his wrestling ability to stifle the high-energy offense of Ryan "The Lion" Shultz throughout the first round. It was Wilson who scored with a plethora of knees to the thighs of Shultz while in the clinch and it was Wilson who dictated the pace of the round.

The second round began in similar fashion as the first until Shultz sunk in a guillotine choke that sapped some of the strength of the surprising Wilson. Wilson escaped the submission and forced "The Lion" back into the corner where he went back to work on his thighs. As the second round came to a close Shultz landed a stinging right hand that looked to hurt Wilson.

The third round saw Shultz take control of a fading Wilson who was clearly running out of gas. After a big flurry by Shultz, Wilson dropped to guard and "The Lion" followed him to the mat to continue his assault. The strong finish wasn't enough for "The Lion," as all three judges scored the first two rounds for Wilson giving him the unanimous decision with identical scores of 29-28 -- a decision that was not popular with the Oregon fans who showered Wilson and the judges with boos.


i was just sayin go to sherdog u lazy fool :)

It was a tuff fight, Wilson just shut Shultz down the first 2 rounds the 3rd round was Shultz. yea Wilson is tuff should be hearing about him in the future. That said Shultz is one of the best at that weight class also. I thought it was a great fight.


"i was just sayin go to sherdog u lazy fool :)"

haha, yeah I thought that's what you were trying to get at with that post!

Since he lost the first two rounds on the judges cards it didn't really matter that he practically committed manslaughter 1 during the third. He needed to win by KO, which he almost did, or submission to get the win. Wilson is tough, but I still think Ryan is tougher. After seeing the third round, few would disagree.

I doubt Schultz would make the same mistake of being overcautious in a rematch.

Schultz lost a dubious decision at best. I'm not sure by what criteria the judges gave Wilson the first two rounds- all he did was neutralize Schultz in the clinch, and at the end of round two Schultz landed a good bomb but ran out of time before being able to follow up. Round 3 was all Schultz- he seemed to snap and become his usual self. He landed numerous hard shots, was by far the more aggressive, and was getting solid gnp in when the bell rang. I really think the 3rd round needs to weighted more heavily than the first two.

Then everyone would stall til round three and try to win the fight.

Sherdog True

"I really think the 3rd round needs to weighted more heavily than the first two."

"Then everyone would stall til round three and try to win the fight."

I don't think he was saying that we should start putting more weight on the final round when we score MMA fights. I think he was talking about how, in this particular fight, since Schultz did so much more in r3 than either fighter did in r1 or 2, then it's not right that all 3 are scored 10-9. The round that was the most lopsided deserves to be scored as such. This goes back to what I was saying about how in MMA, 10-8 and 10-7 rounds should be handed out more freely than they are in boxing. In order for this to happen it would take a bit of a wholesale change throughout MMA, and it might be a hard transition to make as judges already are taught to score almost every round 10-9. So judges would need to be re-taught and basically re-learn how to score a fight.

But hey, if one promotion starts doing it and it works, others will follow suit.