Ryan Shultz

I know... I spelled his name wrong in the title...

Up & comer IMHO

Saw him beat Gil Castillo in WEC at 170.I have not seen him fight at 155 yet.

ryan looked very dominant friday night. he's also a cool kid. very cool. congrats Lion!

Glad you liked my shot!

http://malarky.udel.edu/~keith/2004/APEX/apex09050405.htm is Ryan fighting in APEX at 155.

I also saw the WEC fight but missed the SuperBrawl tournie. Any pics from that?


Thanks, Jacob. I'm noticing you are helping out with posting the pics. Don't know where you live but I'm bound to be at a show within driving distance in the next six months. Introduce yourself...first round is on me.


"Don't know where you live..."

Near Portland.


"The Couv"

Check out the look on each of their faces.

Huge Congrats to Ryan!

It looks like his next fight in MFC will be against Jason Ireland, should be a good one!


http://malarky.udel.edu/~keith/2004/WEC/wec052104/83AJ2950.jpg is Schultz/Castillo when Schultz fought at 170. Yeah, I'm impressed.

Still hoping someone will come to the rescue with SuperBrawl pics,

http://malarky.udel.edu/~keith/2004/M1/mfc10150401.htm are the shots of Schultz from MFC. Some of the most out-of-focus of the night but hey, it was the first fight! Just warming up.

Jacob-Hmmm, maybe first round should be on you...;)


DAMN SCHULTZY you need a TAN...BRO!!!

ha- you try living in oregon and being tan.