Ryo Chonan out :( :( :(

: ( :( :( (

yeah, it sucks...


this card is not PPV worthy at all, imo.

 Why is Chonan out?  Doesn't say why.

This is unreal - I bought my tickets for this on the back of the main event being Liddell v Shogun, then Liddell v Evans and now the whole card is being affected. Evans, Irvin, Chonan and Leben all off the card. I think the quality of the fights will make up for the disappointment though.

 I hope so for your sake DBerry.  Too bad it doesn't have the marquee matchup power that it was originally supposed to have.

I know - I'm looking forward to seeing the Bisping/Day fight and Swick/Davis should be a slugfest too ! Even Lambert v Cane could be a good scrap. If nothing else its always good to go see a Live UFC event when possible.

 What makes me laugh here is that if this were Pride, there would be all sorts of references of the last minute card changes. 

His replacement Kevin Burns is an animal.

that sucks

kevin burns may be good, but he is a grappler but he is going against a black belt pan ams champ with awesome takedowns

Jucao via domination...and im bias because I train under him