Sakara, Finito in my eye

No more of this. I am like abused wife for this guy. All thew sklills in the world and he chooses to brawl with this Swede. No more of this. Finito

Good skills. Fun to watch. Probably fights more unintelligently than anyone else on the roster. Phone Post

Sadly I'm sure hell get cut as well. Always been a fan, he always puts on exciting fights but he's lost 4 in a row now.

Every time the same thing. Lost a fortune and ruin my whole day.

So much skill, such bad gameplans. Maybe corner instructions in portuguese isn't such a great idea.

I give up though.

Sono stato finito, pure! 

Im with you in this one Bobby, first fight of his I watched Ive always bought cards just to watch him and then he just goes and throws his chin out there and ruins my night :'( Phone Post

$600. I could blow my nose with that instead of bet on this guy again.

he has a lot of tattoos though

Pitbull3744 -
Bobby Lupo - $600. I could blow my nose with that instead of bet on this guy again.
I hope ur joking Phone Post 3.0
I wish I was. My bookie texted me "sorry bro" Phone Post 3.0


What to kick a bro while he's down. Phone Post

Is Sakara was just a tad bit greasier he could have yanked his arm outta that armbar

final a confession. Good on you

pidgey - goddamnit how can a Conan Silveira black belt get subbed by a purple (?) like that?

Sakara needs a sport psychologist.

After the first 10 seconds i thought he was going to murder that guy, then he planted his feet and started swinging.

And he could just use his size and when he got on top just ride out the time and secure the round.

In fairness it was a very very quick armbar.

Depressing though, Sakara has serious talent but he just doesnt get the win. Phone Post

If he just fought like Bisping, he'd be a top 5 MW

Come on, Bobby! Sakara needs good fans like you.

lol 600 on a guy who is as inconsistent as shogun hua thats crazy sauce!!!!

ChokeEmOut - 

He's Italian, he does what Italians!

His Roman ancestors are rolling over in their graves.

LOL that's cold.

Yeah but how good is Cains Spanish? Phone Post

Wow, blowing your nose with $600 on a Saturday night sounds like fun!

Don;t forget the hookers!