Saku humor

Guess someone really really wanted to see Rickson vs Sakuraba, how have I never seen this? Pretty hilarious to me considering Rickson vs Sakuraba in early 2001 (after Rickson beat Fuanki and Saku went 4-0 vs Gracies) is the most anticipated fight that never happened in MMA history (despite Rickson’s age).

Poor Rickson looks stiff as a board.

Well if this fight happened the same year the video came out (2006 per this youtube) then Rickson was 47 years old here so no wonder he looks stiff.

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No way Saku would sweep Rickson. Video is lies! Saku would have kept it standing.

Also awesome find lol.

Looked like saku had full mount towards the end. I think saku would have won this fight.


Nice fight.