Saku / Noguiera Opinion

all this retiring talk is bullshit.... sak suddenly
fights matchups that would give him trouble, all of a
sudden starts losing, and now it's because he's too
beat up. he fights the same exact way. he was able to
beat one dimensional grapplers because he could keep
it standing and remain the better striker..... he was
able to beat one dimensional strikers because he was
much better on the ground. now that he's fighting
guys that are better in both areas, the results seem
pretty predictable.

i mean how differently would this fight have gone if
this happened during the saku/gracie fiasco, when
saku was supposedly "in his prime"? the same exact
shit would have happened. saku gets outclassed
standing... so he takes it to the ground. nearly
gets subbed on the ground.... decides to stand up.
repeat repeat repeat. nog is no amateur and
deserves more credit for this win. the guy is
relentless and very consistent.