Saku, Shamrock, Frye, SUCK!!!!

Sakuraba, Ken Shamrock, Don Frye, Dan Severn, Kevin Randleman, Mark Coleman, Brock Lesnar, Tito Ortiz, Cro Cop, THEY ALL FUCKING SUCK!

Why? Because they were all involved with pro wrestling.

If you guys are mad about Brock Lesnar and you think he sucks because he's a former pro wrestler, I guess you hate these guys as well.

Definitely the worst example of this thread ever.

Well, tell me how it's any different please... Is it just because Brock was more popular than these guys and was more successful? Because Saku was extrememly popular in Japan...

So, why is it any different? Brock is actually taking his training seriously and is fighting a former world champion in his second MMA fight.

Why the hate?

Tank 2 !

Oh yea, add Josh Barnett and Tank in the mix as well...

Hell, Josh Barnett gives Pro Wrestling credit when he wins.

"Don Frye, Kevin Randleman, Mark Coleman, Tito Ortiz, Cro Cop"

All those guys did pro-wrestling to capitalize on their name value in MMA. I think people are forgetting that Lesnar has amazing athletic ability and credentials when they act like he's JUST a pro-wrestler, but that IS the reason that he's facing a former UFC champ on PPV in his second fight ever.

Lesnar by TKO.

I'm not saying Brock will win. I just want to know what you guys have against him. Is it jealousy or something?

I'm seriously wondering...

why give this guy credit just cuz he's good at wrestling? We all saw how good kevin jackson is. Wrestling by itself is not sufficient for MMA .

Brock will be a flop. Mark my words


"Wrestling by itself is not sufficient for MMA."

I'm pretty sure that it's been posted here over 10,000 times that Brock has been training MMA for some time now.

I don't think most people are saying that Brock SUCKS.

I think they're saying that he's just an unproven 1-0 MMA fighter who doesn't DESERVE to headline one of the two biggest UFC events of the year based on his sport-based credentials - but is only able to do so based on his fake pro wrestling background and the accompanying star power he built up in the WWE.

That's what people find objectionable.

The undeniable fact is that he's certainly not getting all of this hype and marquee status because of his actual legitimate wrestling credentials.

After all, there have been other amateur wrestling champs who have come into MMA without even a minute fraction of the fanfare and buzz that Brock is getting.

Oh, and all of those guys that you listed along with Brock - except for Sak - were actually NHB fighters first - who then did pro wrestling either on the side or at a time when a full-time career in NHB was not financially viable.

Otherwise, no pro wrestler - or anyone really - who has never faced and beaten one credible opponent (like Brock hasn't) can be considered to be a credible MMA fighter already.

Not even Sak was - that is, until he beat Conan to win UFC Japan (and then kept building on that first big win with a string of some of the best wins in MMA history).

Otherwise, he would have been left as no better than a Takada or Yoji Anjoh - just a fake pro wrestler who failed at becoming a legitimate MMA fighter.

Now if Brock goes on to have a Sakuraba-like career in MMA, THEN he'll be remembered more for being an all-time great MMA fighter than just a former pro wrestler.

But as of now, that's all he is.

Do his sport-based credentials alone actually merit his already huge marquee status?

Of course not.

But he's there because of his WWE-built fame and drawing power - NOT because he's a former NCAA wrestling champ.

You can't deny that.

"Whistleblower: Shamrock was a pro wrestler first under the name "Vince Torrelli", this was before he started training in Japan and fighting on the Pancrase circuit."

  • You're right.

But my point was that all of those guys (except Sak) had mainly achieved recognition through NHB first.

Whereas Brock definitely mainly has achieved his recognition through pro wrestling. has his mug shot on there.

I use to be annoyed about Lesnar. however, if he has really been training MMA for over 2years, then he's been training than most people on this forum and should be given a chance.

Atleast the picture of that cat was funny. Posting a picture of an ugly baby giving a thumbs down is just kind of PG stupid.

Sakuraba was a catch wrestler... not the same thing as a being a wwe roid monkey.

Why don't you quit your crying, kid, and go watch some pro wrestling.

Brock sucks