Saku to Bushido!!!

i was thinking pride could make this move, if Saku was to fight these people more his size, he would do much better, and its only like 10 lbs he would have to lose to make 185, IMO he could hang with any 185lber out there!!!

Most UFC 185ers are 200-205 LEAN at fight time. Most UFC 170ers are 185-190 LEAN at fight time. Sak fights at abo?t 190 less-than-lean when he can weigh whatever the hell he wants to. He's structurally about the same size as Hughes or Trigg, and those are the guys he should be fighting.

If he loses at Bushido, people will just make an excuse that its cheap that hes in a lower weight class, because the smaller guys are "naturally" faster, so there is no way he can compete with them. Sak fans are in fucking complete denial and look to make every excuse over a loss.

Saku should've "moved" to 185 years ago. He's too fucked up now.

Saku needs to move out of Japan and lose DSE's number.

Hopefully, Saku will pay attention to this loss to Arona.

Loss to Arona wasn't even that bad, it just came down to one being bigger and stronger.

Drop a weight class already. Feck. I'm getting tired of this nonsense.

Sak is apperantly going to bushido, well at least sakakibara said in the post fight confrence sak needs to move down to bushido, guys like sak, minowa, kondo though dont care about weight thats a big problem.

Kancho assassin... nice username

I agree with Your Father but I wouldn't call arona a good striker.

At least Sak was able to expose Royce, Ryan, Renzo and countless othere before he himself was exposed.

"If he loses at Bushido, people will just make an excuse that its cheap that hes in a lower weight class, because the smaller guys are "naturally" faster, so there is no way he can compete with them"

Hollywood, that is one of the most retarded statements ive ever heard on this forum. Please post in another thread that involves anything to do with MMA. Better yet, leave this forum altogether for the better of the whole.

"It's hilarious how Sak fans refuse to critique his skill set, and instead blame it on the weight class that he is in"

Your Father, I really hope this is all a troll act, cause if its not, you are the biggest idiot to ever watch this sport. Yes, even worse then the people who think Tank is the greatest ever.

Sak does stand to much, but your critique of his ground game is rediculous. Just cause he doesnt follow traditional Brazilian Jui Jitsu grappling 101 does not mean what he does is not effective.

Sak has a decent guard, he just hates that position and would rather turtle then be there. Hasnt really hurt his career all that much.

Just cause Sak is a better MMA grappler then the gracies doesnt mean u have to hate him.

Sakikibara has suggested Saku go fight in Bushido. The upcoming Grand Prix in particular, so you may soon have your wish.

No doubt Sak tooled the Gracies (and few people were happier about it than me), but against bigger opponents, the more defensive Gracie style works better IMO. Royce, for example, would probably have lost against Arona too, but it would have most likely gone the distance, and he would have taken a lot less damage than Sak.

all royce could do vs arona would be lay in guard and hold him close, and get yellow cards

When Saku fought Pork Fried Rice, he looked like a fat ass at the weigh ins. If he can't be disciplined enough to learn how to strike or lose weight, how is he going to put the work in to continue to evolve his game. Hughes, Diaz, St. Pierre would put Saku away.

On a lighter note, he could try his hand at the Tour de France

Sakuraba's takedowns were the key to victory for Sakuraba. Unfortunately his takedowns looked awful. Given Arona wasn't exactly, moving foward and is a great wrestler himself and that can play a part for the great defense, but there was a marked difference. I'm surprised Sakuraba was even able to get on top to be honest.

Outside of the last three minutes of the fight in the 2nd round, it wasn't a complete ass whooping either.

IMO Sakuraba also hasn't evolved either. Size difference or not.

I don't think Sak will do much better at a lower weight now, but 5-7yrs ago he would have ruled 170LBs.