sakuraba and wanderlei silva fight


does anyone know what happen to this fight? i think its gonna be their 3rd or 4th if it happens n i'm not mistaken. ive been so not updated l8ly coz of being busy at work... last time i logged in here i saw some thread regarding their fight to happen early this year 2005.


If there is any interest in this fight, it has to be from the Japanese fans. I dont think anyone in the US really care to watch Sakuraba get mauled for a fourth time.

NEWB!!!!! Go and do your own search you fukn lazy ass!!! It's called google.

Naa im just kidding, i'm just trying out this logic see how it feels like.

They were suppose to fight for their 4th time at Pride Shockwave 2004, last new year's eve. However Sakuraba got injured and Silva had to fight Mark Hunt instead. If you need more info Silva won all previous three bouts, the first by TKO shortly in round 1, the second by TKO (Saku go his shoulder injured after a slam from Silva) in round 2, and then the third by a brutal KO in round 1. Poor Saku...

Saku got owned