Sakuraba instructional review

Not a bad tape it's in japanese,shows exellent takedowns high percentage,lots of armbar entry's and grip breaking techniques included.some kimura locks,kneebars also includes breaking techniques,some footlocks,everything on this tape is pretty high percentage except for a few fancy extra's.also included on the tape is 4 guard passes,a few ways to beat the turtle position and also shows sak rolling with training partners.This tape is a must have it's a great tape.

where can you get it?

Good tape !

you buy it off e-bay for like 10 bucks,not a bad deal because he teaches all the moves that he use's in his fights then it shows a picture of his doing the move in a fight then at the end you get to see him roll full out.Sakuraba definetly was not in it for the money when he put this take out it also shows position escapes but is all done in a full out match the guy speak in japanese escaping backmount,or getting off your back,its a very good tape for the price.

What is the name of the tape?

How's the picture/production quality?

the name of the tape is "Gimmick" I think. I have it and it's pretty good. All high % moves. Nothing really new except he shows how to get a figure four leglock if you miss a kneebar attempt. Whoo!!

I must have seguteku then. gimmick was the only name i had ever heard of so i assumed that was what i had. thanks for clearing things up.

321, you have sugoteku.

I just got sugoteku and I have to agree, its very good. Especially for $10.