Sakuraba is a nutty bastard

Anyone see his weigh-in photo? The guy has a great sense of humor.

The man is silly

he is fuckin silly....

What a silly guy.

That cracked me up.

I would love to have more guys like him making fun of himself to gain popularity than gaining popularity by running their mouths.

The man is straight-up silly!

SquirrelENuts doesn't respect the silly



Saku is great. Can't wait to see him fight.

Makes him human. He is the man. War Ze Saku.

Saku forever!!!

The legend lives on.

One of a kind.

I'd much prefer if he was all serious, came in with his hoody, goatee and tats and talked shit about his opponent.

And the CSAC says Gabe is crazy?

saku is "irreverant"

saku vs royce is such an invisible fight... as an old schooler, I can't wait, but I definitely feel in the minority of the mma world that gives a shit about this... should have been held in japan..

sakuraba looks to be in great shape. I love that guy. Cant wait for him to beat royce up again.

Sakuraba rocks!!! Can't wait to see what his intro will be too.