Sakuraba on Royce

Asked about the upcoming match, Sakuraba responded:

"Since Royce has taken off the judo gi, I'll take off my underwear and we'll fight."


Uhhh's ok Sak...Keep em on please.

Fuck off with your "caught the geigh" bullshit.

Sakuraba is a jokester and always has been.

Fucking stupid people on this forum so quick to jump to "gay" this and gay that.

That's shocking, I had no idea Sakuraba wore underwear.

The rubber guard is NEVER funny. Impressive? Amazing? Astounding? Revolutionary? Perplexing? Daunting? Fierce? Inspired? Legendary? Ground Breaking? Astonishing?

All yes. But never funny.

Um.. Yeah, that line from Sak just about made my sides split...?


And hilarity ensues!

Go Sakuraba!

Sak is funnier than all you shits, and he can kick your asses in his sleep.

Go sak!

Go 39!!

saku 4ever owns!

how does this "geigh" phonetically make gay?


geigh = gi

not geigh = gay

leigh = lee

not leigh = lay

Maybe this will help...

Let me clarify, Sak is referring to his 'magical' underwear containing an amphetamine patch allowing him to fight a guy in a gi for two hours. He will now return to his ordinary nicotine patch underwear.

ive heard royce is funny. I remember someone telling me that Royce called them from the airport in OKC and him saying that they were all hillbillies and wanted to have sex with their sisters... which isnt too funny, but when said with royce's accent...

Not funny. Sak's humor seems to have gone with his fighting skills.

how does this "geigh" phonetically make gay?"


weigh= way


Sak by small penis KO