Sakuraba's comeback theme song?

What's the name and/or artist of the song that was playing durring the Sakuraba "Starting Over" promo they did on the Japanese broadcast of the last Pride? I think they played it after winning the match too. It sounds like some disco fight song.

the monkey man song?

yeah that music was so fitting for that promo clip. Damn the japanese sure have the production shit down.

Monkey Magic. Some disco song based off the 70s TV show.

only my fav tv show as a kid!
i got too excited when i heard the music startup after Saku v Shamrock.
then i downloaded the entrance highlight fight video! kool!

Oh SNAP! Thanks guys. This is why I love Pride so much. I didn't know there was a Japanese version of the Monkey story. I only watched the Chinese non-disco version.

THANX A LOT!!!!!!!!!! nacirema.. you da man!