Sam Nest

I was just wondering with Sams up coming fight this week why a guy with a 12-0 record has not had a shot a world title or been propelled onto the world stage when a guy like Bonello has 4 world titles (which he started to win in early fights) and has also fought on KOTC, Soa has a record of 7-0 and i think is ranked 1 or 2 in KOTC.
I have only seen Sam fight once so was wondering was he just a very good local fighter, hasn't had the chance yet, his managment is bring him along slowly or is there another reason behind this?

BTW please don't turn this into Bonellos titles are shit, i just mentioned a couple of fighter i know have lest fights and less wins than Nest but seem to be hitting the world stage earlier (could also throw Foki in there as well but i'm not sure of his record).

It seems like Sam's record will become 12-1-0 after he faces the Hippo. ;)

Sam has fought twice in Japan for ZST. Won both by sub and the fights were on TV over there I think.

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If he fought in Japan and twice and he won both times why did he not continue or were these fights not long ago?

Just interested why, no disrespect to Sam at all as there could be many reasons why he hasn't gone futher at this stage on the world scene.

Good question Keats, by all accounts, record, form, age, marketability etc etc etc, Sam should be a shoe-in for some of the recognised o/s events???

He is a really laid back guy, met him in Toowoomba at RF2, nice bloke.

Maybe he's not interested in fighting o/s?

Big match for Perosh as Sam is a classy groundfighter and very tough, would bet money on Perosh though.



Sam's last fight in Japan was late '02 I think and he's been busy since then here. I'm sure he will fight overseas again. I also think this will be a very tough fight for Perosh. Nest is very skilled and always seems so relaxed in the ring.

It's not for want of trying or desire that Sam hasn't been seen in one of the 'big' shows overseas. He fought once in Rings Japan, beating Namekawa, and once in ZST in Japan, and the rest of his fights have all been here in Australia. His last fight was against internationally respected Canadian Chris Peak, which was yet another very impressive and dominating win, but Peak or even Namekawa isn't really the calibre of fighter that would make the UFC or Pride HAVE to take notice and bring him in. There are a lot of deserving fighters around the world who haven't gotten a shot yet, and Sam is just another one of them.

Sam really does just love to fight, and wants to fight the best out there to test himself. He is far from afraid of a loss, as he was wanted to fight Elvis for ages, and is taking this fight against Anthony against the advice of many. Both fights carry a large chance of giving him his first loss, but Sam doesn't look at it that way at all. Each fight is Sams toughest to date, and as long as it continues that way he will be happy.

Everyone wants to see him fight regularly overseas, but honestly that's not as easy as to make happen as it might seem it should be. Hopefully if (when?) he beats Anthony in impressive fashion then this will be a very positive step to getting into the UFC, but we'll see. I just hope when he does go, he takes his faithful bucket boy with him... ;-)

You gotta give Sam a ton of respect as the man steps up to fight.


Thanks guys.

Good luck to Nest and Perosh this week.

Love watching guys like these who will put it all on the line instead of the guys who just take easy fights to build up thier records.

Nest always tries to finish his opponents which is good for entertainment. Perosh did the same in the eliminator so it will be a great fight. I think both these guys deserve a shot at one of the big shows.

All the best Sam from the boys at Integrated Martial Arts