Sambo in Serbia/Montenegro?

Hi guys,

I will be in Belgrade, Serbia and Sveti Stefan, Montenegro from Octobr 2 - 12.  I have plans to co-teach a combat sambo seminar in Belgrade but, am always looking for others to train with while I am there...particularly in Montenegro where I will be for 4-5 days.  I do know of the Serbian Sambo Federation (for some reason their website has been down).  Any other contacts?



good luck steve with the seminar..hope all goes well..

Thanks Wayland!

Off to Serbia Tomorrow guys! Will try to check in when I'm there, if not, you will get a full report when I return.



wow, thats exciting that you're going to serbia. im from there. well, from sarajevo, bosnia, but i lived close to belgrade. i dont know of any sambo stuff, but im sure if you go to a judo club they can help you out. a lot of guys there speak english. try to email this guy Ivan Todorov he's the general director for red star judo club in belgrade, he might know something or someone. and the phone number for the judo federation of seriba is 11 634 929
see if you can call them. thats the best i can do for ya. good luck. have fun in my country.


Hey thanks man!  I have some contacts there and will be giving a two day combat sambo seminar in Belgrade on Oct 9-10. I will try to contact your buddy when I am there and shoot him an e-mail ahead of time! I appreciate the contact. My friend in Belgrade is Dragan Milojevic.  I will be in Montenegro from Sept 30 - Oct 9. I am excited to visit both places. For info on the seminar, you can e-mail Igor at:

Ovo je smesno, Grobar preporucuje Zvezdu!!!
Grobare, molim te javi se na:

Sorry for posting the wrong e-mail Igor.  It was great fun to hang at the airport last week. I will see you soon. Thanks again for holding my gear!

sto je to smjesno chetniche. dao sam covjeku informaciju da se njima javi, oni mu sigurno mogu pomoci bolje sto se tice SAMBO-a. sta imam da ti se javljam. pozdrav


Brate smesno je da jedan GROBAR preporucuje ZVEZDU. Ja sam Cigan do koske ali treniram u istoj sali gde je Judo klub Partizan. Nekad sam trenirao, krace vreme Judo u Zvezdi, Zvezda se spojila sa Rekordom iz Rakovice i tamo su se preselili. Adresu sam ostavio da se upoznamo (da ne tupimo na Srpskom na forumu), ali ako neces - ne moras, pozdrav.

Hey Igor!  Home safe and sound.  It was a great time over there. I am looking forward to coming back in June.  Chris loved the comics! Some of them she knew.  She is going to send many to you in return.  We posted the pictures of the seminar up in our school.  I am getting a new computer tomorrow and when I am set up, I will send you the pics and get them up on our website.

Thanks again for a great time!!


Hi Steve, it was our pleasure. Thank you for the knowledge you shared with us. I am looking forward to June also. Take care