Sambo Lessons Online

Igor Kurinnoy 3x World Sambo Champion and 5x World Cup Sambo Champion is offering a free preview of his Sambo for Professionals subscription website. Go to then follow the instructions to download. The free lesson is the Gadavlia, a spectacular throw. Make sure to click on all parts(demo, description, combinations,defense,practice,mistakes).
We have worked very hard on this please let me know what you think.



Wow fantastic!!! I download the SFP program and got the free demo. I just have a few questions. First off I guess I'm a bit confused by the membership and cost of the lessons. The membership (I think it said was like $3.33) I assume that gets you the registered version of the SFP?

Next you have to buy each lesson indivdual? I did see a christmas pack to purchase a number of lessons (If so I think grouping the lessons would be much easier to purchase). How often to new lessons come out? is there a certain scheule as for how many techniques a month?? I'm very interested in purchasing SFP I just wanted to make sure I know what i'm doing, I have little idea what i'm doing with computers(other than some very basic stuff). Looks great and I look forward to joining.


Hi Chris,

Thanks for the comments.
The Christmas pack available on the site includes 9 lessons. The $3.33 is a membership fee that will allow you to buy additional lessons, kurtkas,sambo shoes, t-shirts, hats,etc. I just completed the first 10 lessons last week. Igor translates into the best English he can and I take it from there. As far as I know there is no set schedule for releasing new lessons, but they should come on a regular basis
I had suggested to Igor that he bundle the lessons but he felt more comfortable with one at a time. I'll talk to him about it.
Hopefully we'll have the credit card payment system up in a couple days so it will be completely user friendly.


Thanks Gregg...I'm completely pumped up for it. I really think bundling the lessons would be the way to go, I know I'd feel more confident as a consumer buying them in groups. I'n not saying there would be any bad material, just saying I'd feel a bit disapointed if I ordered a technique and I thought it was somthing else and it wound up being O-soto-gari or somthing very simple(this again would be for me, and may not be the same for a beginner). But If I bought a bundle..and somthign like O-soto was grouped in there with some newer material or variations of diffrent techniques, I wouldn't mind haivng O-soto in the bundle I just bought. That make any sense at

Anways I', looking forward to purchasing it (need to wait until after Christmas, or the old lady will wonder why she bought me more gifts =P)

take care.


hey i remember this guy. nice russian fellow. im davor from tohkon. you guys visited a few times. he's got lots of good things to show everyone. tell igor i said
what's up (from yugoslavian guy - maybe he remembers).

Hi Davor,

I also remember you. I will send you regards to Igor.

Gregg, let me know when they credit card payment methods are up.

Phenomenal!! It's obvious quite a lot of thought and effort has gone into this project. BTW, how about some size 12 sambofki for us "big feet" out there, lol!!


Thanks for the comments. I'm sure Igor can get your size as I have seen some really big boys over there.

Wow this is very very impressive... at first I saw 3.33 a lesson and i thought to myself, "yeah right what a rip" but after seeing the program and the ammount of detail (time and effort into this project must have been HUGE!) I can definitely see this being worth the money investment.

Question: Is Lessons 1-10 the throws or is it all the techs on the site? I'm confused about which techs you get with the package.


I'm at my office right now, I'll get you the complete list tonight after I get home.

great! you can post or e-mail it to me

Question: the excercises look... ridiculously diffucult, I've never done flips like that and my legs don't bend that way!

Okay Guys here is a list of lessons offered in the Christmas Pack:
-Podhvat(leg sweep)

-Perednia(front trip)

-Spina(back throw)

-Spina Reverse(reverse back throw)

-Bokovoy(lateral revolution)

-Grud(chest throw)

-Bedro(hip throw)

-Zashagivanie(side step)

Podsechka(side foot trip)

to see what these throws are go to:

look under catalog and then Sambo Lessons
and check each throw by the corresponding name.

Cool thanks Gregg!!