Sambo Lineage Project

 Hi all,

I am embarking on a huge (and I suspect long and tedious) project. I am attempting to document a lineage tree for sport sambo/combat sambo in the US/Canada. I would like to go as far back as possible (at least to the 60's or 70's as there was sambo here in the US at least since then).

What I need from everyone who is a , practitioner, sambo coach, school owner, instructor, organization founder, etc is the following:

-Your full name (with birth date)

-Who your teacher(s) are/were (with birth/death dates)

-When you started training sport sambo/combat sambo

-Who your teacher's teacher(s) were (if you know)

-What particular sambo organizations you were/are affiliated with

-Any notable achievements you have had in the sambo world or martial arts, name of your club/organization (if you own one or owned one)

If you do not have all this info, please provide whatever you know. Please also forward this e-mail to anyone you know who may be interested in participating.

Thanks in advance.