Sambo Shoes On Sale

For anyone who might have an interest there are sambo shoes for sale at:

for $20. Click on "shoes etc." listed on the left.

They only list certain sizes available but in reality they have all sizes in stock. You can order by phone or on-line.

They are the basic very light, seude/leather, variety with no insert. They are all black with red ankle and big toe joint pads. Strictly for wear on the mats.

Are you sure they have all sizes? I contacted them a few weeks ago about getting a size 12.5 and they said they only had sizes up to a 9.


I called him last week and he told me they had all sizes available. He then shipped me a size 10 which arrived today. The website only goes up to 9 or something but that is erroneous.

It is a real nice, soft, light typical sambo shoe, very potent. It is identical to the sambo shoes our club competed in way back in the early 90s. However, I like the UGS better. For $20. though it is a sweet deal.

Nice! Thanks for the information!

If O endorses them, they must be the shit!

I use sambo shoes for weightlifting. They are the best deadlift shoes made and recently I have been wearing them for strict curl comps because you can get a great (and subtle) backward lean because there is no heel.

I train 4 days per week in my basement. One of the days I go balls to the walls and I designate that one day as "shiai day". On that day I wear the sambo shoes, lift heavy and load up on the uchikomi with my Big Blue throwing dummy. The shoes are great on the interlocking pads on the floor. I try and keep my workouts varied and this type of stuff keeps them fresh and helps keep me motivated to workout.

If you need larger sizes please contact me:

If you own a school, we have club prices!

I just picked up a pair from Igor Yakimov while I was visiting my girlfriend's parents in Ottawa.

yes for wrestling...

Yes for wrestling...and Sambo is a form of wrestling.

The best shoes for grappling sports are Asics Gable Classics.

Sambo shoes are better for sweeps and movement and feel much more like barefootin'. Sambo is a form of judo and that is why it is a judo/sambo forum.

Sambo is a form of wrestling, just like Judo is. They should change the Wrestling forum name to "Scholastic/International Wrestling" cause thats the form of wrestling it is.

Plus Sambo is more so, IMO, Freestyle (and CACC) Wrestling with some Judo sprinkled on it. (Hence the Kurtka)

I've seen a ton of Sambo shoes, from UGS to whatevers. The ones from Club Kozak are great.

yes they are very good shoes from kozak and eugene's a good bloke