San Shou/Sanda Schools...

I'm looking to start San Shou or Sanda (If not now - possibly because my schedule doesn't allow it - then at least during the summer).

Anyways, I was wondering if any of you have listings for schools, or know of any schools in Calgary, Alberta.

try this web site

Brad: Thanks for the link, but the site only lists schools located in the USA (I'm in Canada).

On another hand, does anyone know how "big" San Shou is in Canada? I mean, are there lots of opporunities to fight?

on the range of poularity, San Shou in Canada is somewhere between maple syrup (ie San Shou is less popular) and being anally raped by a rapid bear (ie San Shou is more popular)

Jokes aside, I don't know of a single reputable program in Canada, except for a very small class at Liang Shou Yu's school in Vancouver

nice comparison. but is it more or less popular than being raped by a slow bear?

LMAO question. I'm in Ottawa, Canada. Anyone else around here?

Btw, what is San Shou? A style or a type of sparring? What about Sanda?

San Shou allows punching, kicking, throws, and sweeps. Sanda allows all but with knees also.

from looking at that King of San Da just looks like Thai boxing.

Is it? or is it something else?

The rules are different then Muay Thai so it isn't the same thing.

forgive me, but you think this looks like Muay Thai??

Yeah..that looks like Muay Thai. That is..if you turn the gravity off. :)

also, sanshou and sanda are the exact same thing. "san" means "free." "da" means "hit, strike, or fight." "shou" means "hand." recent rule changes included knees.

muay thai with greco is a good combo.

Once again, Adonis, yet another alias for one of the least accomplished trolls on here, spouts his ignorance. Ignore him as he knows nothign about San Da nor real fighting

We will all judge each individual as we see them, agreed. From the posts I've seen, Adonis does believe muay thai is the be-all/end-all of fighting (correct me if I'm wrong)

Either way, it is not a complete fighting system.

It is an effective standup fighting style...but it does not cover the full reality of covers standup..long-range and also close in..but doesn't prepare a fighter for grappling in terms of takedowns..and definitely doesn't teach any ground tactics that I know of. If it WERE a complete system this wouldn't be's be .

There is no sense arguing one style over another..there is no style mentioned here that is a total fighting system.

So San Da meaning "free hand" or whatever the best term for ti would that just a category of fighting in a match or is it an actual style like Muay Thai?

King of San Da: USA

will answer most if not all your questions


Are you teaching Muay Thai and/or San Da in NWIndiana? If so, I'd be interested in more info. Thanks

I'm not located in NWIndiana. I'm from Michigan, sorry.