Sanchez v. Hardonk

What a great fight.

The primary reason I buy UFC dvd's is too watch these unaired pre-lims. I bought 84 and 85 at the same time and just watched both and there are some great fights on there.

I mention the Eddie Sanchez and Hardonk fight because I had completely forgotten the matchup and was very pleasantly surprised at how good the fight was. Very entertaining.

Sanchez has some fast hands but looked way too heavy. He owned the first round and was doing well early in the second until he gassed hard and got beat down.

I highly recommend it.

Really enjoyed this fight...Antoni with some sickening leg kicks...Great fight

Fantastic fight.

It's a shame most casual fans only think of those guys as 'the dudes who lost to Cro Cop & McCully'.

 Sanchez is a tough guy and he won me over in that fight. He dropped the supposed champion kickboxer twice and was owning him for most of the fight until he gassed. Even completely exhausted, he stood up to an absolutely brutal barrage of punches before going down.

Well if Eddie took that fight on short notice then that certainly explains his lack of cardio in that fight, since cardio has never really seemed to be a problem.

I agree with Steve, fans are really doing themselves a disfavor if they dismiss either fighter.

Both of these guys are very good heavyweights.

Hardonk would have pick Eddie apart sooner if he had thrown those murderous low kicks earlier. As soon as he hit Sanchez with couple of those, Eddie was done.

I started a thread about it on here after the event, great fight. Both guys showed a lot of heart, it's too bad most people didn't see it

Eddie impressed me way more when he dropped Hardonk on his ass twice after they talk about his amazing stand up skills.Eddie got tired and got beat it was a good fight though


Eddie DID take that fight on short notice. But the deal was hard to resist. He also had a hand injury that was limiting his training. But like I said, the deal was a good one.

I'm looking forward to seeing Eddie back in there, Dec. 10 vs. Justin McCully. Training is going well and Eddie is going to kick some ass.

That was one of the better HW fights the UFC has put on in a long time.

Seems to be a lot of one-sided fights and slow paced leaning against the fence in HW fights.

This was an all out war that would have brought the house down if it was on the main card.

A lot of people bring into question whether or not these guys even belong in the UFC... but with performances like this, it doesn't matter where they are in world rankings... they earn a spot in the division.

 Great fight, Hardonk seemed really hesitant early on and Sanchez took great advantage of that by being aggressive and landing some hard shots.

The finish was sick.


My God, in that last gif that left snaps his head around like a car wreck!