Sanchin ryu

Greeting all.hope everyone is doing great.. quick question I mived here to upper michigan recently and the only school we have here is called Sanchin Ryu. I guess it has roots in okinawin karate. I mean the classes are almost free . I mean there are some sites out there just wanted to hear from someone who knows about or has heard about this style. Thanks all. have a great one.

Jeese I too am from MI and once went to a few sanchin ryu classes , they were held at a school , and like u said they were very inexpensive. My take on the system was that it was family friendly , well laid out system , stances seemed good and higher level people looked good doing forms . Being the type of system it was though , I dont believe they did much sparring but all in all it was positive for me, I just was no longer able to go due to work and vehicle issues. Seven Star System 4eva

where from emilio?

i am from michigan also yes sanchin ryu is dirived from okinawan heritige that it does focus on family i know there is know sparring and taught mostly in schools. not a bad system just not much combatitive application.

curious - isn't sanchin the name of a goju-ryu kata?

yes ......its goju ryu id say it and okinawan kata as Uechi ryu uses it also... Sanchin Ryu I heard is Isshin ryu just just a different guys version of it......I dont if anyone knows if this is true i am curious to hear what you have to sy......Thanks,....