Sando master- WTF!!!

Accused Bandidos killer was ex-cop, combat teacher


Ex-police officer and accused mass murderer Michael Sandham is a one-man army who has guarded heads of state and can fend off a rampaging black bear with one arm, if you believe his resumé.

Sandham, 39, faces eight charges of first-degree murder after eight men connected to the Greater Toronto Area Bandidos Motorcycle Club were found in vehicles abandoned near the hamlet of Shedden, west of London, on April 8, 2006.

Witness David Prud'Homme told court yesterday he took a one-day course taught by Sandham, in which Sandham demonstrated how to load and shoot a shotgun with one arm, while fighting off an attacking bear with the other arm.

"It was certainly more than we expected," said Prud'Homme, who runs a private rural bylaw firm.

Prud'Homme said he hired Sandham to teach his eight employees in 2004, but Sandham quit after a few months.

The jury was shown a series of resumés prepared by Sandham, who taught hand-to-hand combat and firearms use.

In self-prepared pamphlets, Sandham claimed to have provided security for Prince Charles, Princess Diana, Prime Minister Brian Molruney (sic) and someone called "Princess Patricia."

He also wrote in his pamphlets that he founded a martial art called "Sando," which he described as a "modern day warrior style."

He claimed to have a 9th degree black belt "Grand Master" in "Sando," and to be a black belt in three other fighting styles.

Court heard that Sandham was a constable in the police force at the Rural Municipality of East St. Paul from 2000-02, before leaving for undisclosed reasons.

Sandham did well in his studies to become a police officer, showing particular interest in combat training, weapons and street gangs.

His police college records noted he was "co-operative and friendly."

When he applied to work in the East St. Paul force, Sandham wrote that he was influenced by his four years in the Canadian military.

Also facing eight first-degree murder charges each are Wayne Kellestine, 60, Dwight Mushey, 41, Brett Gardiner, 24, Marcelo Aravena, 33, and Frank Mather, 35.

They're charged with murdering Paul Sinopoli, 30, Jamie Flanz, 37, John Muscedere, 48, George Jessome, 52, Luis Manny Raposo, 41, George Kriarakis, 28, Frank Salerno, 43, and Michael Trotta, 31.