Sandy P's new name will be (PIC)


ttt for Saturday night.  Brock is gonna rock out big time


nice, in a very cruel way.

good shit-MM

try to get a picture with Lesner while wearing that shirt.

Im likin Mir more and more .

Sandy P. has eaten his "Brock-Wurst" today... :D :D (j/k man)

haha i was at k-1 dynamite here in l.a. and tried to find brock after the show to get a pic for the ug. learned an extremely difficult lesson though, which i'm sure all of us must realized... it's not easy being a nobody and just walking up to hang out with a main event fighter right after the main event. did bump into denis kang, crazy horse, tracy lee and brittany skye in my pursuit though

I'm sure this new name is going to be humiliating for a guy who calls himself SANDY PANTIES.

Uncle Sandy Panties

ouch thats a nasty one Sandys a great poster here

ouch thats a nasty one Sandys a great poster here but alls good when u bet

lol @ kimuracrunch, i was thinkin the same thing

That shirt is still funny

I use the "Rock Out With Your Brock Out" quote every time we talk about Lesner on our Radio Show. 

I love the tee as well.  Hilarious!!!

Brock's advantages: Wrestling, cardio, size, strength, speed, passion, discipline, heavy hands, grounded/confident attitude

Mir's advantages: hometown fighter, no penis tatoo, footlocks, strip club connections