Sapp vs Aekbono

is this fight K-1 rules or MMA rules? if it's K-1 rules it's gonna be an even bigger joke than i thought.

Seriously someone can get hurt when these guys fight. I mean big bodys small hearts they can die from all these exhaustion, stress, etc. Not very uncommon.

HOPEFULLY neither falls on the other. Major injuries there

I think it will be fun.

My prediction Sapp bobs and weaves shows his fancy footwork for about a minute by then Akebono will be exhausted and all Sapp has to do is nudge him and the fight is over.

Just like Homer did to Switchyard Sullivan.

If only this fight would be as pretty as Homer vs sullivan. Just kidding, for some reason i am interested in how this one turns out. if Sapp loses maybe that crazy popularity will fianlly die down.

Like I said I think it will be fun.

freak show

It's going to be a work.

There was a clip on the k1 max showing akibono hitting pads. Goddam he sucks.

Hey switchyard was Severly underrated. For a fightin bum he was one of the best in the buisness and gave Homer all he could handle before he gassed.

K-1 unfortunately turned into a freak show.

I miss watching a technical striker like Andy Hug.