Sapp vs LeBanner Confirmed

Sapp vs LeBanner is confirmed for the NYE show.
It will be a mix of K-1 and MMA rules, ie 1st rnd K1, second MMA, 3rd K1, 4th MMA.

Thanks for the news Paul!

1st rd K-1? Damn. Bob got a raw deal. If he manages to make it without too much injury or KO he could try and overpower and tire out LeBanner

Jeroms is going to kill him in the first round and then the fight will be over.


please let LeBanner murder him so Bob will go back to commercials in Japan.

whats your source? im hearing sapps fighting kaoklai from a couple of websites as well

Gay rules.

I hope Sapp F*cks LeBanner up!!!!

LeBanner by KO round 1!

That is the most fucked up set of rules I have ever seen. Jerome better knock Sapp out in the first which I believe he will do.

Are they doing the K1 rules 1st round and mma rules 2nd and so on?

This was first announced on the FEG/K-1 website last night, and sportsnavi today.

Holy shit!!!! Is it just me or is Jerome's nose getting more and more crooked?? lol, GO LEBANNER!!!!! KICK HIS GIZZARD OFF!!!!!!!!

Holy shit I didn't realize until those pics Jerome is about Sapp's height and has the athletic ability of the best fighters in the world.Jerome KO round 1!Kick his ass Le Banner!


Man Lebanner doesn't look small next to Sapp.  He also hits hard as a Truck.  I hope Sapp has been training hard for this fight or it's going to be an early night.


This is a stupid idea. Why does Sapp still do that.
There is no point for him to take another beating.

He doesn't need it, and I doubt that he wants it.

K-1 management must burn in hell for what they make Sapp do.

Dumb rules and an obvious excuse for somebody. Sapp is a joke but since I like jokes I hope he can win.

Go Le Banner!!!!!