Sarah Kaufman HFC Champ vs. Gina !!

Sarah is tough as nails and one of the coolest people around. If Sarah vs. Gina ever happens, it's pretty much guaranteed that it'd be fight of the night.

ttt for Sarah and ZUMA


 That would be a great fight! I'd love to see that one. Whats up with you these days Sarah? Are you still fighting in Canada or looking for a new org now?


 Currently I'm looking for a new org...I really just want to fight though!!! I'm sure you know how that is. Hopefully something comes up soon.

Do you have another fight with Elite coming up? I'm definitely looking forward to seeing your next fight!!



 They said I would be fighting for them again this fall, but I have no date or opponent yet. I'm non exclusive though, so if it is too long I may look elsewhere.

Hope to see you fighting in the states soon!

I saw Sarah beat Val Letourneau at TKO 29. The girl's got skills. IMO, Canada's best female fighter. Look forward to seeing her test herself against some of American MMA's elite. Sarah vs. Tara LaRosa would be a great match-up.

the way the title of the thread's written I thought this was a done deal

 Bullshit thread title

 Kaitlin - that's too bad...I hate when you can't get any specifics for fights!

MIke - Thanks. I'd like to start moving to the states too...just waiting for a contract!

she would get killed.. ive seen kaufman fight at TKO and i think gina would destroy her standing.

gina has much more technical muay thai skills.

sarah is tough as nails but i just dont see her competing skill wise on the feet or ground.

 Gina does have great stand up...but I definitely don't think I would get killed. Also, I know my abilities on the ground, and don't see Gina beating me there. I guess if the fight were to happen we'd find out for sure!