Saskatoon "RCR5" Fight Results!!

"River City Rumble 5" was held this past weekend in Saskatoon.The card hosted 13 fights in total 6 MMA
and 7 Kicboxing bouts. I do not have the exact numbers on attendance at this time, I believe it was between the 700-800 spectators packed the facility. Other than a minor problem with the sound system at the beginning the crowed got to see some awesome fights!!!


Kickboxing: Karen Oliver, Scheer's (Wins by Split Decision) over Linsday Rudolph, AKK.

Kickboxing: Scott Sutherland, Champions (Wins by Unanamous decision) over Dallas McPherson, Muringsung.

MMA: Scott Richardson, Scheer's (Wins by TKO)over Barry McKee, The Pas Fight Club.

MMA: Jason Beavis, Scheer's (Wins by TKO)over Lawrence Richards, The Pas Fight Club.

Kickboxing: Patrick Rooney, Scheer's (Wins by Split decision)over Eugene Simshenko, National Kickboxing.

MMA: Jason Tatlow Scheer's (Wins By Triangle submission)over Elmer Waterhen, Champions.

Kickboxing: Joanne Smallbones, Scheer's (Wins by TKO)over Tammi Smith, AKK.

MMA: Wilf Betz Scheer's (Wins by Traingle Submission)over Josh Turner, Team Bushido.

Kickboxing: Jamie Jahnke, Muringsung (wins by majority decision)over Abe Neufeld, Steel Harts.

MMA: Jason Lomond, Scheer's (Wins By submission Guillotine choke)over Graham Weenk, Team Bushido.

Muay Thai: Kyla Richardson, Scheer's (Wins by unanaimous decision)over Lisa Kehler, Steel Harts.

Kickboxing: Brayden South, Muringsung (Wins by unanimous decision)over Ryan Ross, Steel Harts.

MMA: Mike Newton, Sniper (Wins by Triangle submission)over Jordan McKay, Scheer's.

Thank you to all the fighters and coaches for supporting the event and making it such a great show!!

Thank you to all those who attended we hope you enjoyed the event!!

We look forward to bigger and better shows in the future!!!

Troy Scheer

Thanks Troy for putting on a solid event and TTT for your team who won 5 of 6 MMA matches!

RCR5 was a great show, i sat ringside and it had some awesome fights

Quebec, B.C. Alberta, now Sask. Damn it Ontario! Get your poop together!