Savate Highlight

Notice the EXTREME distance that some of the fighters take, and how quickly they bridge the gap.

My instructor Armando once asked a savateur "How do you switch so quickly between punching distance and kicking distance?"

The savateur replied "In savate, punching and kicking are the same distance. There is nodifference."

Great clip, great soundtrack! Thanks for posting that bro. After the clips that you and Scott have put up, I have a new found respect for Savate.

Awesome Calbert! Scott actually edited his highlight; I just copied and pasted. :)

damn, that is sweet, now I've got to go train savate in la!

"After the clips that you and Scott have put up, I have a new found respect for Savate."

Heheheh!! Trust me when I say that NOTHING will help you to respect savate like sparring a savateur! I give private lessons in the morning to a few bouncers and last week I showed them what a fouette with a boot will do, as well as the coup de pied bas, and they were utterly amazed and in a lot of pain!

Ya know, in Tai Chi classes they always talk about pulling your bellybutton back to your spine when you exhale....

....I've always found that a fouette median helps me do that just fine :)

ttt for Scott teaching the bouncers respect for Savate and lol at twinkletoesCT!

One thing on the highlight that I find SO fascinating is how FAR apart those fighters fight, and how QUICKLY they cover it.

This was something I was showing Toby this weekend: tight combos inside, a hard decalage out to create this extreme distance, then suddenly cover the distance with a hard fouette.

BTW: Toby is a VERY quick study on the fouette/chasse bas combo.

Cool highlights. Not a real French vibe there at the end, though :).