Saw Zab Juddah get escorted by cop

I work for this security company and I was working a charity event for a local radio station. Zab Juddah was one of the celebrities. I remember he was talking a lot of shit about the UFC, so I was actually intrested in seeing him and how he acts in person. Not five minutes after coming in do the NY sheriff's department show up and slap him with a bench warrant for unpaid child support. I thought it was funny and ironic. At least UFC fighters take care of their kids. LMAO !!!!

"the boxer has a higher chance of "punchers chance" in the UFC than the UFC guy would in a boxing match."

only if the MMA fighter is retarded enough to stand with them in MMA. Otherwise it's ankle pick to "Goodnight, Gracie".

I hung out with Judah at a club and we talked about my training and he wasn't anti-UFC at all.

When did he become an asshole about it?

"When did he become an asshole about it?"

yeah, that would be a new development. IIRC Zab doesn't say much.

Floyd is talking stuff about MMA.

Toney is talking some stuff, but he just thinks he would do well in MMA, not that every boxer is some magical destroying machine.

Zab is a big fan of the UFC, he must be mistalikg him for someone else. He even did an video interview with the UFC on Spike and said he doesn't miss a show in Vegas.

Yeah man, I'm pretty sure Zab is kool with MMA. He was training at
American Top Team in Coconut Creek last year when I was there.

you are mistaking Judah for someone else because he has never slammed the UFC and has been in the audience for a number of them. His own father was a world championship kickboxer.

oh and your statement "At least UFC fighters take care of their kids. LMAO !!!!" Makes you sound like the jealous, small time nobody that you are.


doesn't surprise me. Mayweather probably has some il-legitimate red headed kids running around unpaid too. LOL

If he wasn't anti UFC it's my mistake. I might have mistaken him for Maywhether, I don't follow boxing at all. but it sucks that caught up with him.

havock, I'll always say that I fought, that's something you will never say. Incase you havn't noticed it was a joke, stop making your life the internet, because right now your stock is worthless.

Seriously doubt it was Zab. Ive met him a number of times and he is a big fan and has a lot of respect for the sport.

Despite what you might think from in in-ring antics....Zab is actually a really cool and down to earth guy in person.

lol i can guarantee there are more than a few that dont take care of their kids.