Sayoc Kali seminar -Warsaw, Poland

Sayoc Kali Seminar - 8-9th of May 2004, Warsaw, Poland

The unique opportunity to taste and learn Sayoc Kali.
The best chance to train techniques and check your fighting skills.

Host: Warsaw Impact Club (Kali - Escrima - FarangMuSul- Hwarangdo)
featuring: Guro Steve Lefebvre (Sayoc Kali Ass. L-2 Instructor and Whip Instructor, Kalis Ilustrisimo representative under Ray Floro).

2-days-seminar (11 hrs) will include special projectiles session (Sayoc Bakal) and will be held at Saleta Fight Club in Warsaw.
On Saturday participants will have an opportunity to attend kerambit class.

Cost: 1 day - 70 euro, both days - 110 euro
Nearest airport is Warsaw International Airport

Training blades, equipment, dvds will be available for purchase.

Contact, more info and help with finding good hotel and restaurants:
Tomek Foik +48 600 443 104,,

Dude! I'm so there!!!

*calls taxi*

Hello everyone!

I would like to thank Tomek Foik and Marek Schmidt, for hosting the second Sayoc Kali seminar in Poland!! It was a great time, meeting all of the new people from Russia, Lithuania, Poland, and England. It was also a pleasure meeting and training with Guro Krishna Godhania, who is now being established as an official Sayoc Training Group in England. (visit his website at

With both new practitioners as well as more experienced Sayoc Kali students present, alot of material was presented to both groups. Here is a short list of what was covered:

Vital Template # 3 of 9
Elicting the "bad hand" response
7 Count passing drill (and 1 counter/move)
Transition drill 1, 2 and 3
actionflex stick sparring,
and several other Sayoc Kali drills as well.

Tomek and Marek were great hosts, and showed us the nightlife, food and great people in Poland.

I am already looking forward to coming back to Poland soon!

Guro Steve L.