SBG Ireland's new home...

Over the past 2½ years the gym has gone from strength to strength producing over 10 blue belts and 2 purple belts in BJJ making it the most successful BJJ gym in the country. Also I have trained up 3 Cage Fighting champions in the same time, which makes the gym the most successful Vale Tudo (anything goes) gym in the country.

Well after all this time of training in a cold, damp garage its time to move to somewhere a bit nicer. The new gym will be a 1500sq ft fully equipped building centrally located near Harolds Cross with showers, changing rooms etc and it's warm!

Classes will finish where we are now on Friday 20th February and restart here on Wednesday, 25th February. I will be posting up the new timetable in the coming weeks.

copy and paste this link to see some pics (just got the keys for it today!)

Good for you bro. That new gym of yours will be a great place to cry about how I tapped your ass out at the Gorilla Cup. I wouldn't be making any mantles to put a trophey on if I were you.

In all honesty though great news on the new gym...looking forward to seeing you in March.

Congrats Bro. Does the new gym have a void room?

Awesome John, well deserved success which I knew you would have when I first met you.

-Matt Thornton

thanks for the kind words guys

2004 is gonna be a big one for SBG Ireland!!

hey rory remember to keep those elbows in nice n tight - hmmmm long arms hmmmmm armbar.....

what day is the cup on? sat or sun?

thanks everybody who came out to help me get the new gym cleaned out

thanks to

Colm 'zen master' O'Rielly
Micheal 'sissy boy' leonard
joe 'wee man' mcinerny
david 'dunkamania' dunk
very nice pat
eoin 'drummo' drummond
aiden 'lethal' lynch
ufc/pride joe
owen terminator roddy
deirdre 'david's sister' dunk

and ghost hand and deco who mostly watched with their hands in their pockets

here's a couple of photos

had our first class last night

copy and paste the link to check out some photos of finished gym

the floor is 'floating' on about 8 inches of shredded tyres which gives it good 'springiness' for throws

Very cool. . .congrats John on the new spot.

-Matt Thornton

Outstanding John! Looks great. Can't wait to see what you and Matt have to show at the camp. I came close to submitting a BJJ BB in my last fight (then I just KOed istead with a knee under his chin). Anything to improve my guard game for the fight game will be greatly appreciated.

Where in Ireland is it? My buddy is from Belfast and one day within a couple of years we are gonna go down there! It'd be nice to do some training too!!!

If you go to Belfast and meet up with Kavanagh. . . .DO NOT let John convince you to follow a group of very drunk Irish girls into a dingy, tiny, nightclub in a small alley. If you do, you will most likely be thrown out by bouncers a short time thereafter.

And for what it's worth the bouncers will be the guys that look like toothless meth addicts, and speak in a strange martian like language.

Also, do not introduce any 'mentally challenged' kids to John, as he likes to slam kimuras on them. It's brutal!

Finally, don't ever let John Frankl begin reading the Belfast hotel bible out loud. . .it's "freaky".

-Matt Thornton

Thanks for the heads up Matt!!!

You don't have to worry about me, I married an Irish woman and have learned my lesson (don't ever tell her I said that or I will fear for my life)

"Also do not introduce any "mentally challenged" kids to John, as he likes to slam kimuras on them"


well rory, i'll show you what i got but doubt its anything you aint seen - all rubber guard stuff.

Portuguese2002 just let me know when you're coming and we'll work it out

oh and dont listen to anything matt says, all the doormen are very nice and have good manners - its just when people look at them 'disdainfully' they get upset. and only an american would have to be told not to put his feet on the furniture - 'what do yah mean i cant put my feet on the chairs, i'm an AMERICAN god dammit!'

as for the mentally challenged - he had it coming, he went for my foot!!!

Only an American eh?

Thats great 'cause I'm Canadian and everyone loves us!!! ;)

Seriously, I will definitly contact you sbgireland. Hopefully we will come down somethime in the summer withen the next 4-5 years of so. Damn wife wants to go on a cruise instead of her ancestral home of Ireland.