Can someone give me some info on the classes in New York City, on what days and times during the week? The last I heard there are no striking classes (thai boxing, boxing) for semi-full contact sparring, is this true?

email christian

We do striking but we have been doing ground workand clinchin as well .Christian will give you info classes are MOn,Wed 6:00-8:00 and thrusday 6:30-8:30.

ttt for christian and sbg-NYC

follow the e-mail info already provided-We do stand-up on a regular basis- all ranges to complete vale tudo application. As mentioned we meet on Monday from 6 to 8, Wednesday from 6 to 8 and Thursday 6:30 to 8. We stay after quite often if space is open (wich it almost always is). Christian Montes runs the school so e-mail him and I know he will happily answer any and all questions. Derek H

Christian covers all the phases of combat - standing, clinch and ground. I'm not sure what you mean by semi-full contact sparring but classes are taught using the 3 I's method, information can be found on this forum about this, and all drills are done 100% "alive."

Contact Christian for more information but I would suggest stopping by and trying/checking out a class. It's the only real way to experience it.


christian has excellent jits and stand up and a incredible sense of humour!

Do you put on headgear and gloves and spar full contact in his class? Does he include vale tudo training for those that want to compete?

Christian is a great coach and a cool guy. If I still worked in the city I'd definitely be training with him.


Christian recently help train Jay Glazer to a win in the last Reality Fighting event held in Atlantic City.

Bob Henry,

I have an MMA class on Monday night - where everyone gets to spar vale tudo. if you want to go full contact, then of course its best to have the proper equipment, headgear(provided), mouth piece, and boxing gloves, and there's always someone you can go with at that intensity. the other classes may also include some form of striking related sparring. depends on what is being worked and isolated.

i'll stress semi-contact training for the majority cuz its something that everyone is comfortable with and my concern is always SAFETY first for all my athletes. i also leave the option of training intensity up to the individual and let everyone work at their own pace. some people have no desire to ever step in the ring but still deserve the chance to work hard, and train realistically up to whatever their personal limits will allow. Aliveness is for everyBODY and no one is ever excluded. besides, its also a way of training smart to help integrate striking and grappling together while also minimizing injuries.

However if you're interest lies in competition then that'll of course require a commitment to higher levels of conditioning, intensity, and contact sparring. that again is always up to the individual and can always be accomodated and provided.

hope that answers your questions. if you need any more info - just drop me an email.

look foward to hearing from you.

Christian Montes



for anyone wondering ...

being around Fernando for extended periods of time without kicking his ass requires "an incredible sense of humour"

you can say that i "Flowed with the Go" on that one =p


Christian, do you have classes where you train people in Crazy Monkey Boxing? Thank you for your time. I look forwrad to hearing from you.


Christian has been incorporating Crazy Monkey into our standup
for a while now. The results have been very positive and
noticeable for everyone.

hey ResuTudo,

i have a Vale Tudo/MMA class and an MMA Boxing/Clinch where me and my guys get to work on our stand up fighting. i've found through my own training and coaching that the CM is by far the most effective and readily functional method of defense against punches i've seen. the great thing about it is that its so simple and non-attribute based you can teach it to the beginner on day one and have them sparring and drilling in the boxing range much sooner than normal; it really shoots up their learning curve and makes stand up sparring a little more fun than it should be =p. Also, by the same token its valuable to the experienced boxer guy cuz it helps them transition into an active MMA clinch range and enables you to defend against takedowns easier. something that a conventional boxing structure obviously never takes into acct. i believe the CM is a staple of stand up training at most if not all the SBGi's.



hey Christian, do you guys do BJJ w/ Gi or without?

Christian, when are your MMA/Clinch Boxing classes and are they general level courses (ie for beginners as well as novices) given? Also, are you still located at Fighthouse? Can you tell me how much for classes or should I email you in private?

GrdStorm, we do no-gi bjj but I believe Christian will be mixing in
gi work very soon. Many of us bring gi, so if you're a gi player on a
no-gi day, you'll still have people to roll gi with.

ResuTudo, the MMA Boxing/Clinch class is on Thursday nights.
The Vale Tudo/MMA class is on Monday nights. Classes are mixed
levels of experience with athletes of various experience levels and
weight/size. We are currently training out of Fighthouse.

I don't want to give any misinformation so I'll leave the rest for


just email me here - for more info on training and the gym.

should have a website up soon with all pertinent info. i'll keep you guys posted.

in the meantime drop me a line.

thanks for the PR erik!