SBGi BJJ Spring Camp! 3/27/04

8th Annual SBGi Spring Training Camp!
Dates: Friday March 26th - Monday March 28th

Times: Friday: 6-8pm Evening BJJ session

Location: Portland Oregon

Facility to be announced shortly. Saturday: 10am - 3pm Training / 5pm - 8pm Gorilla Cup submission tournament Sunday: 10am - 5pm Training

Monday: 1pm-4pm ISR Instructors conference & training session 6pm -9pm SMAC program, SBGi stickfighting program

Instructors: Chris Haueter (BJJ Blackbelt/SBGi Coach), John Frankl (BJJ Blackbelt/SBGi Coach), Tom Oberhue (SBGi RD), Mike Chapman (SBGi Coach), Luis Gutierrez (SBGi RD), Adam & Rory Singer (SBGi RD's), Paul Sharp (SBGi RD), Karl Tanswell (SBGi RD-creator of the STAB program), John Kavanagh (SBGi RD), Matt Thornton (BJJ Blackbelt/ SBGi Founder)

Camp Theme: BJJ for gi, no-gi, and MA. . .aka:

"Jits with hits"

Session plan:

Friday: will be an informal BJJ class featuring Chris Haueter, John Frankl, and Matt Thornton. Participants will be taken through some advanced info with gi, and no-gi, and then a friendly rolling session will take place.

Saturday: will start with a CLINCH session featuring the UK's Karl Tanswell. . .where he will cover some great info on the 2 on 1, and updates on the STAB program (self defense training against blades). We will then move on to the 12 point offensive guard game, followed with details on submissions, top game, and escapes.

Saturday evening will feature the SBGi Gorilla Cup Submission tournament. The competition will be open to all SBGi members, and look for some exciting matches featuring Rory Singer, John Kavanagh, Jonathan Wright, Carlos Paladini, Rick Davison, and Tom "killer" Oberhue! Matches will be divided by skill level, and weight. Everyone is encouraged to participate! And attendance to compete or observe is FREE for camp ALL camp members!

Sunday: will feature the 5 step passing game, this is guaranteed to have a direct impact on your guard passing. Followed by some specific passes as taught by the various SBGi Coaches. We will also cover 1/2 guard, as well as various skills and drills for BJJ in an environment where there are strikes.

We will also have a dinner, awards banquet on Sunday evening.

Monday will feature: ISR Instructor's Conference This 3 hour ISR clinic is open to SBGI & ISR First Tier Instructors only. The latest developments in the organizations growth as well as updates on the new material and training methods we have integrated into the system will be presented. Any SBGi instructors or gym owners planning on getting certified and being a part of our training team should attend. The ISR is rapidly growing and the information presented, discussed and exchanged at this conference will set the pace and create the guidelines to assure its stability and success in the years to come. For further information, please visit If you are a Law Enforcement Officer and wish to attend, e-mail Luis directly at .

Followed by a three hours workshop on the SBGi SMAC program. (Stickfighting-Methods-And-Counters)

This three hour course will feature the entire SBGi impact weapons curriculum. All of which is designed to be functional in the full contact environment, or in a self defense situation. This program will change the ay you view dealing, using, and defending against impact weapons.

Camp prices:

All four days: SBGi Members 155. Non Members 195.

Sat & Sun: SBGi Members 125. Non Members 175.

Monday only: (contact Luis at for prices)

Register NOW by calling Mike Toll Free at 1-888-888-2850 Discount hotel rates available. Contact Mike for info and reservations.


Wish I could be there

Can't freaking wait. Going to be some incredible grapplers. A few Black Belts, couple of browns, handful or more of purples....awesome baby.