SBGI seminar in Dallas 11/13 & 14

Adam Singer will be doing a seminar in Dallas, TX for the Academy of Jeet Kune Do ( ). Adam is the head coach of The Hardcore Gym in Athens, GA ( ) and regional director for Straight Blast Gym International ( ).

Adam will start off with the “Crazy Monkey” and then progress from the Crazy Monkey into the Clinch (will include the material that was recently recorded for their upcoming DVD). Clinch work will focus on gaining dominant position, working through barriers with hand fighting, arm drags, good inside position, double under, over under, single and double neck tie, and snap down. Also crashing the line with a forearm shiver and a caveman, etc. Then striking while in the clinch and off basing them and timing the strikes. Strikes will include: punches, elbows, knees, and a dirty tudo. He will cover a few high percentage takedowns that are easy to pull off. Once on the ground: hit the ground with posture and base. Control the opponent to avoid strikes and set-ups for strikes and submissions. No-Gi Jits with strikes and the fundamental 5 for passing. Plus ½ guard bottom to deal with “monsters”.

Then he will tie it all together and show how people of different athletic abilities can train together safely with progressive resistance, have a good time, and functionalize everything he taught while rotating training partners and working with different energies.

At the end a cool down and review of all the material learned and applied. Finishing up with a question and answer session.

Maybe he will hit on the STAB (empty hand vs. knife) program with a bit of clear, control, counter. Everyone knows Texans love their knives.

Equipment to bring: 14 oz boxing gloves, training knife, mouthpiece, and cup

Price: Pre-pay or $25 non-refundable deposit paid = $100 for both days, $50 for one day.

At the door $75 for one day $ 150 for both days

Location: 1138 N Hampton RD, Dallas, TX 75208 (white building behind the house)
Corner of N Hampton and Colorado Blvd
Please park at the Stevens Park Clinic parking lot across the street!

Date/Time: Saturday & Sunday November 13 and 14, 10am to 4pm (or until we drop) with a lunch break in-between

To reserve your spot please mail your deposit to:

Marco Hernandez
410 Rutherford Ave
Wylie, TX 75098

Contact info: H: 972-429-9910 C: 214-641-9046

Deposits are due by 10/31. The non-refundable clause is for my protection in case the person that says they are going to attened cancels. Obviously if for some strange/weird reason Adam did not come in or I cancelled the seminar you would receive a refund on your deposit.


Seminar is next weekend! Marco